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PlayStation 5 Logo Is Fine, Internet Reactions Are Better

Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 logo yesterday at CES. Right on cue, the internet erupted into a frenzy of reactions to liven up the news.

  • Sony unveils PlayStation 5 logo at CES 2020.
  • Internet reacts to underwhelming announcement.
  • Xbox suffers controversy around AMD-sourced model of upcoming console.

Amid the tailored suits, corporate platitudes, and rehashing of known details, Sony Interactive Entertainment head Jim Ryan unveiled the PlayStation 5 logo for the first time during Sony’s CES 2020 press conference yesterday.

Remarkably similar to the PlayStation 4 logo, but with the numerical value swapped for a five, there wasn’t much to sink our teeth into.

The PlayStation 5 logo is fine if a little drab. Lacking a little creativity maybe, but we can’t fault Sony for sticking to what works – free of frivolities, simple, and to the point. There’s merit in brand continuity given the raging success of the PlayStation 4.

The Internet Reacts to PlayStation 5 Logo

Right on cue, the internet erupted into a frenzy of reactions to liven up the PlayStation 5 logo news. In many ways, the response was better than Jim Ryan’s not-so-big announcement. Not much of a feat you’d say, but we’re ever so lucky to have the internet to pick us up when the powers that be let us down.

Stealing the show was this jesting reenactment of PlayStation’s lead graphics guru designing the logo. Load up the old PS4 logo, swap in a five, and job done.

Others laid on the sarcasm, commending Sony for pushing the envelope with a revolutionary new PlayStation 5 logo.

Source: Twitter

While others mined their own creative talents, cooking up comics depicting how the new PlayStation 5 logo came to be.

Source: Twitter

One Twitter user even offered an improvement on the PlayStation 5 logo.

Source: Twitter

Another congratulated Sony on its ability to count to five.

Source: Twitter

Xbox Series X Ports Mess-Up

On the other side of the next-generation console rivalry, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X made a brief appearance during AMD CES 2020 live event. Onlookers got a little hot under the color as a render of the machine appeared to show the rear side ports for the first time.

Sadly, Microsoft was quick to raise its head above the parapet and advise that the images weren’t official. It turned out AMD had pulled them from 3D models repository Turbo Squid.

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