Meghan Markle Isn’t a Gold-Digger: The Reason Why Is Ridiculously Obvious

May 10, 2020 12:25 PM UTC
Meghan Markle haters love to call her a gold-digger. There's just one problem: The British Royal Family has no gold to dig.
  • The British royal family might have a valuable brand; they’re definitely the most popular royals in the world.
  • But they’re not the most powerful — or the richest.
  • That’s why it’s ludicrous to call Meghan Markle a “gold-digger,” as so many of her critics do.

The British royal family is always in the news. From the Charles-Diana-Camilla triangle to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, few can remember a time when we didn’t hear about “The Firm.”

And to this day, the House of Windsor keeps its name in the headlines.

But they’re not the richest royal family — or even the most powerful.

Meghan Markle is accused of being a British royal family “gold digger.”

Recently, Meghan Markle — the so-called “rebel royal” — was accused of being a “gold digger” by minor author Emily Giffin. Giffin, who is obsessed with Princess Diana, said that Markle was only with Prince Harry for his money and influence.

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But this claim doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

It’s true that the British royal family isn’t broke. According to Forbes, they’re worth approximately $88 billion. But there’s a catch; most of that comes from their brand value.

And it also includes their collective wealth. Not even the richest member of the family – Queen Elizabeth – is even close to being a billionaire.

As for Meghan and Harry? They’re worth about $30 million.

None of these figures implies poverty, to be sure.

But when compared to other royals, “The Firm” is less “The Rockefellers” and more “The Kardashians.”

Who Are the Richest & Most Influential Royals?

The British royal family might have brand capital – but they have much less wealth than other royals you’ve probably never heard of. | Source: John Stillwell/Pool Photo via AP

In Hollywood, the wealthiest and most influential figures don’t court the tabloid press. That’s why the Kardashians, who falsely claim to be “billionaires,” are viewed with derision.

And the same is true in the world of the monarchy.

The wealthiest royal in the world one you’ve probably never heard of. His name is Vajiralongkorn, better known as “Rama X” in Western media. Rama X, who has been the King of Thailand since 2016, is worth a staggering $43 billion.

Behind Rama X in wealth is Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, who is worth a cool $28 billion. The Sultan is arguably the most influential royal in the world, deriving his wealth from the oil and gas industries.

Other royals who are far more wealthy and influential than the British royal family include the House of Saud (No. 3), the King of Morocco (No. 5), and the Emir of Qatar (No. 9).

Even the Prince of Liechtenstein (No. 6) and the Duke of Luxembourg (No. 8) are richer than any Windsor, living or dead.

The Windsors aren’t even amongst the top ten wealthiest royals in the world. That makes the Kardashian comparison even more apt.

If Meghan Markle is a gold-digger, she picked the wrong mine

When compared to other royals, “The Firm” is less “The Rockefellers” and more “The Kardashians.” | Source: Simon Dawson/Pool via AP

What’s more, a new documentary reveals that the British royal family is functionally impotent. The Queen At War, which aired recently on PBS, reveals that outside of a few stoic speeches, the monarchy is incapable of making major decisions for Britain. That responsibility falls to Parliament.

In fairy tales, those with the title of “Princess” or “Duchess” are seen as powerful, beautiful, kind, and fair. But in the British royal family, those titles are merely fancy decorations.

Meghan Markle would have been more “powerful” – and probably more wealthy – as a Disney princess. If she’s a gold-digger, she picked the wrong mine.

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