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Meghan Markle Disciples Need to Learn the Truth About Prince Harry

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
  • For many Meghan Markle zealots, their knowledge of Prince Harry begins when he met Markle in 2016.
  • The “Sussex Squad” has completely reimagined a version of Prince Harry that is nothing short of historical fiction.
  • These deluded types are projecting the image of who they want Harry and Meghan to be onto the couple, while completely ignoring the truth.

I’ve said it before, the Sussex Squad who follow Meghan Markle are a curious bunch. Especially when it comes to Prince Harry.

For some reason, Meghan’s devoted followers fawn over Prince Harry as a champion among men.

Source: Twitter 

While this amuses those of us who have followed Prince Harry’s life from way before Meghan arrived on the scene, it does highlight the sheer lack of knowledge that the Sussex Squad has about the very people they idolize.

Prince Harry dressed up as a Nazi (for a laugh)

That’s right. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Prince Harry was attending a “Colonial and Native” themed costume party in the first place, he went along dressed up as a member of the Nazi German Afrika Korps.

Complete with swastika armband. 

Meghan Markle fans will have a hard time explaining this one away. | Source: The Sun via Twitter 

I know the Sussex Squad isn’t that bright, but trust me, ladies, dressing up as a Nazi is not a good thing.

To top it all off, he did this literally weeks before Holocaust Memorial Day. Seriously.

Of course, I can hear the Sussex Squad explaining this away desperately while they develop a nervous twitch. It was just a mistake. He didn’t know what he was doing. He was forced to wear the costume. He didn’t know what a swastika was. It was Prince William’s fault!

And so on.

Prince Harry’s time in the armed forces was…interesting

The argument that this was a simple one-off case of poor judgment by Prince Harry would be more credible if he didn’t then go on to display more racist behavior in the years that followed.

Who can forget the time he referred to a fellow army cadet of Pakistani heritage as “our little Paki friend”?  Or when he called a soldier a “raghead” because he wore  a cloth on his head ?

The most insane part of this story? He did all of this while knowingly being filmed:

This wasn’t something that he was reported as having said. He gladly made these comments in front of the camera. That’s a whole new level of stupid right there.

The British media hammered Prince Harry for his actions

This may come as a shock to Meghan Markle fans – and especially the Sussex Squad – but after this video of Prince Harry making these comments came to light, there was an immediate uproar.

That’s right, the so-called nasty, evil, racist British press who believe the royal family can do no wrong lambasted Prince Harry for his actions.

Then-British Prime Minister David Cameron branded Harry’s comments as “unacceptable,”  while various media outlets ran with headlines labeling him a racist.

The most telling thing is that Harry made these racist remarks in front of the camera. | Source: The English Blog 

Is this the champion that the Sussex Squad fawn over?

The most deluded of the “Hollywood Royal” fans refuse to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as actual people. The couple represents whatever fairytale these fans wish their own lives to be.

Source: Twitter 

They project their own image of who they want Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to be onto the couple and run with that.

That the majority of them are willing to turn a blind eye to Harry’s behavior because his past interferes with their “happily ever after” narrative tells you exactly how concerned they are about racism.

As for me? I recognize that people can change. I hope Harry has learned from his mistakes. But someone with his past should never be held up as a hero.

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