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Let’s Cancel 50 Cent & Carole Baskin for This Nauseating Cover

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:04 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:04 PM
  • Howard and Carole Baskin just posted a ‘music video’ on Cameo covering 50 Cent.
  • They sang the corniest conceivable version of “In Da Club.”
  • The Baskins should be deleted from our memories for good. 50 Cent? He’s guilty by association.

Carole Baskin has just reinterpreted 50 Cent’s iconic jam,  “In Da Club,” on Cameo.

Baskin and her toy husband, Howard, have become all-stars on the platform. If you don’t know, Cameo is an app that allows washed-up celebrities to make personalized videos for people for a price.

These two Z-listers naturally decided to cover a star who’s also past his prime in 50 Cent.

The result? If you’ve seen The Ring, you know how serious it can be to watch a terrifying video.

After watching this corn-fest, you have seven days to keep your sanity, unless you pass it onto somebody else.

And that’s why I’m here.

Why Isn’t Carole Baskin Canceled?

As you can see from this video, Carole Baskin is not a good person.

Who would take a decent, at best, club anthem from our memories, and turn it into a complete nightmare?

Watching this clip is like feeling concrete dry on the inside of your body. That’s how stiff it is.

But the real reason we know about Carole Baskin is from her portrayal in Tiger King. In that Netflix documentary, Joe Dirt, or whatever his name is, accused Carole of murdering her ex-husband.

The internet agreed with Joe.

Carole Baskin
Random people on Twitter are the new ‘detectives.’ | Source: Twitter 

Sure, we don’t know if she actually did it. But when has that stopped us from canceling anybody?

90% of cancellations occur from hearsay. At least we got to see some of the evidence in this case.

Let’s call for Cameo to ban the Baskins. They seem like bad people. That’s enough these days, right?

Speaking of bad people…

Let’s Just Cancel 50 Cent Too

It’s not 50 Cent’s fault for being covered by the Baskins.

But it is his fault for creating one of the most basic club anthems known to man.

He’s also has had his own set of dramas recently. Most notably, Vivica A. Fox called him a “f*ckboy.”

It’s hard to disagree with her logic.

He recently joined Lil Wayne on his podcast to about how much he enjoys “exotic sh*t,” aka “women,” who aren’t Black.

“The sh*t looks a lot different from the sh*t you see in the neighborhood,” 50 Cent said.

Well put, 50 Cent.


In all seriousness, cancel culture is getting out of control. But this video inspires visions of canceling literally everything. This trio is a great place to star.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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