Buying Cars with Bitcoin, From Lamborghini to Jeep and Everything in Between: Introducing Coinmotors

In Newport Beach, California you can now buy a Lamborghini with Bitcoins.  In fact, they report that one individual already has used his “electronic” currency to buy an “electric” car.  An anonymous client recently bought the above pictured Tesla Model S using only Bitcoin.

Thousands of miles to the east, at Overland Park, Kansas you can now buy Jeeps with Bitcoins.  Overland Park Jeep has been accepting Bitcoin for a while now and has been featured in media such as the Washington Post for their innovation.  The interest in Bitcoin is fairly high in Kansas due to Butterfly Labs’ headquarters being in Kansas City.  While there are other dealerships around the world accepting Bitcoin, there’s something about American advertising that makes these several examples stand out like a sore thumb.

Finally, if you’re not exactly in the market for a new expensive car. There’s a new website in a town called

Coinmotors allows users to buy and sell used cars using Bitcoin!  While CoinMotors is still a nascent business, we hope that as successful transactions are completed and reported to the public, used car sales around the world will be facilitated with Bitcoin more and more.

While these dealerships accept Bitcoin payments, their use of Bitcoin isn’t necessarily going to save you any fees or paperwork. If these car dealerships used Bitcoin’s notarizing potential in their transaction as well as its monetary utility, the incentives to spend Bitcoins on cars might be even higher.  The infrastructure behind such advancements is not with us yet, but here’s to looking towards the future!  The potential for Bitcoin to revolutionize contracts is coming, mark my words.

Next time someone attempts to claim that Bitcoin can’t be used to buy any real-world goods or services, just rev your engine and leave that neanderthal behind!

Last modified: March 4, 2021 4:40 PM

Jonas Borchgrevink

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