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Grand Theft Auto V Evolves From Bigfoot to Aliens in Halloween Showdown

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:13 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:13 PM
  • The GTA series has a history of spooky content.
  • GTA V Online now allows you to turn into Bigfoot for Halloween.
  • Here are four super creepy things to find in GTA V all-year-round.

Special in-game events for Halloween might be great, but what about games like Grand Theft Auto V that have spooky content all-year-round? Over the series’ 22 years-long history, there have been plenty of myths and legends spread online about hidden creatures and objects, from Bigfoot to aliens.

Since Grand Theft Auto V has now made it possible to play as bigfoot himself online for Halloween, we decided to compile some of the best spooky myths and mysteries in GTA V for your viewing pleasure.

Grand Theft Auto V - Bigfoot
Source: GTA Myths Wiki


Bigfoot is probably the most famous of all the myths in GTA history . It started out as a rumor back in GTA: San Andreas and is still being discussed and debated to this very day. No one has been able to prove that it exists in San Andreas, but that hasn’t stopped him from appearing in other GTA games.

In Grand Theft Auto V, Bigfoot appears as an easter egg during the mission Predator. While using a thermal scope, the figure of the hairy ape himself can be seen standing peacefully in the dark woods. He doesn’t do anything and shooting him gives no results, but it’s the first proven appearance of the creature in GTA history so it’s pretty good by our books.

Grand Theft Auto V - Aliens
Source: GTA Wiki


Aliens are another creature that has featured periodically throughout the GTA series , mostly as chatter from conspiracy-touting NPCs. In GTA V, the creatures make their first real on-screen appearance primarily as the figments of Michael’s imagination during several hallucination sequences.

The more tangible proof of aliens lies in the spaceship parts which are scattered throughout the map. Fifty pieces of an alien craft can be found across Los Santos and Blaine County, and if you discover them all you can get your hands on a special car called the Space Docker. Neat. Also, there is a glowing alien egg but only if you crack into the game files .

Ghost Cars

Another myth that has been around for quite some time. Ghost Cars appeared back in San Andreas out in the woods of the Back O’ Beyond area , driving themselves downhill and supposedly chasing players to their deaths. Although no proof of their murderous intent could be found, they were one of the first myths to be proven real.

Again, this particular brand of ghostly vehicle made a comeback for Grand Theft Auto V. As you’re driving around the Fort Zancudo area late at night, you can occasionally come across a car moving around without a driver inside it! It’s still not known if this is intentional or a bug, but it does give fans something interesting to hunt for.

Grand Theft Auto V - Murder Victims
Source: GTA Myths Wiki

Serial Killers

Possibly the most gruesome Halloween mystery in GTA V is the serial killer known as The Infinity Killer. In the universe of the games, a series of murders were carried out back in 1999 called the infinity murders . The murderer, Merle Abrahams, was caught but his eight victims’ locations still remain a mystery to this very day.

That is until the player comes along. If you put in enough effort, you can actually discover various clues throughout Grand Theft Auto V that eventually lead you to the location of the eight corpses. Discovering them wrapped in plastic deep on the ocean floor is probably one of the spookiest ways to spend your time in GTA V, especially around Halloween.

So there you have it. The spookiest all-year-round content in GTA V that you can go and find right now if you’re brave enough. Just don’t come crying to us if you start having nightmares afterward.