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Google Stadia ‘Connect’ Succeeds at Failing to Flatter Gamers – Again

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:54 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:54 PM
  • In the latest Stadia Connect event, Google showed off some of the new games and features coming to the service.
  • During the presentation, many games were shown, a lot of which were timed exclusives with the service.
  • On their own, these games will not draw people to the service or give it its own sense of identity.

Google Stadia just held a ‘Stadia Connect’ event . During the event, a 4-person team has shown what players can expect from Stadia during 2020. The answer is that you can expect a lot of games that are already out elsewhere.

It is becoming clear that Google Stadia is struggling to establish itself. While the technology being used is certainly impressive it cannot carry the platform alone. More than that, Stadia is still hard to use and doesn’t really have an identity of its own.

Google Stadia - Thumper Screenshot
Thumper is actually a really interesting game on Stadia, but on its own, it won’t pull people towards the platform. | Source: Thumper

Google Stadia is Still Struggling

The Stadia Connect presentation was a bit underwhelming . There were some ‘play it first on Stadia’ titles, but most of them were party games. They weren’t even exclusives either. They’ll all certainly be coming to non-streaming platforms at some point over the next year or so.

Things took a turn for the worse when the testimonials started. It’s not a good look for Google Stadia to spend 25% of the connect talking about how great their product is. It’s even worse that they ended that segment by begging for more good testimonials.

If Google Stadia is going to work, it needs some truly exclusive killer apps. Games that are already available elsewhere aren’t going to cut it. Especially since Stadia is a pain to use. Even on PC, you can’t use controllers wirelessly. And, only a very few specific phone models are compatible with the service at all.


Stadia Needs Better Support

Proponents of Google Stadia long defended the service as ‘not being out yet’. Well, now it is being rolled out across the globe. While the performance is still nothing to write home about, it is at least free to try.

The fact is that most people have no particular reason to buy Stadia games. If they’re into gaming they probably already own them. Once that free trial runs out and those ‘free’ games disappear, why would they stick around?

If Google Stadia can stay alive long enough that it actually builds up decent exclusives then it has a chance. Let’s just hope for some more Triple-A exclusives, rather than the party game fodder we’ve seen so far.

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