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Ghost of Tsushima May Get Bullied/Delayed for The Last of Us Part 2

PlayStation Canada now lists the Ghost of Tsushima release date as Aug. 1, prompting speculation that a delay will be announced soon.

  • PlayStation Canada is listing the Ghost of Tsushima release date as Aug. 1.
  • PlayStation had the game penciled in for release on June 26 as announced early last month.
  • PlayStation may be shifting Ghost of Tsuhima to allow space for a The Last of Us Part II release in June.

Has PlayStation Canada leaked a Ghost of Tsushima delay ahead of an official announcement? It sure seems that way.

Ghost of Tsushima Delayed?

Under the ‘Coming Soon’ section of the PlayStation Canada homepage, the release date for Sucker Punch Productions’ PlayStation 4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima shows as 08/01/2020. According to an announcement made early last month, PlayStation had June 26 penciled in as the release date.

Source: PlayStation Canada

While we can easily pass this off as a blunder on the part of the poor soul tasked with keeping the website up to date, the supposedly new release date also appears on the dedicated Ghost of Tsushima listing on the web site.

To be precise, the listing showcases both dates, which makes this leak all the more bizarre. The June date appears on the main dynamic image at the top of the page. The August date features at the bottom of the page among the developer, publisher, and genre details.

Source: PlayStation Canada

If we put aside the possibility of a mistake by PlayStation Canada, we may be looking at the first sign that PlayStation is delaying Ghost of Tsushima. An official announcement may very well be in the pipeline.

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Last month, Sony made a point of stating that upcoming release were on track despite the ongoing global crisis, but noted that there was a risk of delays. Less than a week later, The Last of Us Part II was delayed.

Making Space For The Last of Us Part II

Sony prudently opts to space out the release of PlayStation exclusives to ensure each gets the media and player attention to maximize hype, and by extension, sales.

With the indefinite delay of The Last of Us Part II, Sony and Naughty Dog have been tasked with rising to the challenge of re-strategizing in the wake of logistical hurdles thrown up by the coronavirus pandemic.

PlayStation may be preparing to shift Ghost of Tsushima’s release later to give TLOU Part II a broader berth to nestle into a rescheduled release window. We may see TLOU Part II take the June 26 slot, and Ghost of Tsushima pushed to Aug. 1 as the PlayStation Canada leak (blunder?) suggests.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:49 PM

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