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Facebook Gaming Makes a Savvy Choice to Focus on Mobile Streaming

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:50 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:50 PM
  • The streaming wars have been getting more heated over the past year or two.
  • Facebook has been making attempts at developing a streaming audience of its own, with a new app being the latest development.
  • The new app focuses on mobile gaming and a casual audience, which might make it a more successful competitor to places like YouTube and Twitch.

The streaming wars are heating up. Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer might be the three competitors that most people focus on, but they’re not the only contenders. Facebook Gaming has been making inroads towards the live streaming market over the past year.

The company’s latest efforts involve the release of a new Facebook Gaming app. As well as featuring casual games, and gaming videos, users will be able to quickly and easily stream mobile games with the push of a button.

This focus on mobile games might be the smartest move for Facebook.

Facebook Gaming - Play Store Page
The new Facebook Gaming app has already launched on Android devices but is still making its way through Apple’s approval processes. | Source: Google Play 

Facebook Gaming Cannot Directly Compete With Twitch, Youtube or Mixer Yet

Despite what they may think, Facebook Gaming is not ready to compete with the other major platforms directly. Twitch has a strong foothold. Neither YouTube nor Mixer has been able to break that hold, no matter how much cash they throw at the problem.

Facebook Gaming’s new app has a different goal in mind. They’ve streamlined the process of streaming games from phones. There’s also the inclusion of videos Facebook users are already watching, and casual games to boot. It’s a lot to entice more casual viewers.

Rather than chasing after an already saturated market, Facebook Gaming is going after something a little bit different. How successful it’s going to be is questionable, but it’s at least encouraging to see another company try a different tactic.

A Broader Appeal Is the Only Path Forward for Streaming Services

While appealing to the lowest common denominator is often resisted by many, in some cases, it is necessary. While both Twitch and YouTube have a decent viewer base for gaming streaming, Facebook Gaming does not. What they do have is a video platform designer around casual viewers.

Creating a streaming app aimed at a casual audience is probably the best way for Facebook to develop a decent streaming viewer base. Mobile gaming also isn’t all that prevalent on Twitch or YouTube. It’s a wise move to give mobile gaming a place to be streamed so easily.

Given enough time and the right decisions, Facebook Gaming could become a surprisingly popular streaming platform. Just don’t expect there to be too much audience crossover with other major streaming platforms.

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