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Epic Dangles Exclusivity Carrot With Borderlands 3 X Fortnite Crossover

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:55 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:55 PM

Epic Games and Gearbox Software have announced  a cross-over between the massively popular battle royale shooter Fortnite and upcoming action-RPG shooter Borderlands 3.

Apart from being a clever cross-promotional coup to entice players to purchase Gearbox’s latest entry in the Borderlands series, it may lure further studios to seek out a lucrative Epic Games Store exclusivity deal.

Borderlands 3 Comes To Fortnite

Players who purchase Borderlands 3 through the Epic Games Store can secure the Psycho Bundle cosmetic set for free which features a Borderlands 3-inspired axe skin, character skin, and Claptrap back skin.

Epic has also cooked up a new location dubbed the Pandora Rift Zone in place of the Truck ‘n’ Oasis Truck Stop, which going by the FortniteXMayhem trailer is like stepping into the snarky mayhem of Borderlands 3 thanks to replicating Gearbox’s unique art style. The new zone will feature in-game from today until Sep. 10.

EPIC Games is positioning its controversial videogame storefront against Valve’s popular Steam. | Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP

Finally, Prefabs from Borderlands hit Fortnite Creative giving players the chance to craft their very own rendition of Borderlands 3 in-game world of Pandora, while the Welcome to Pandora Challenge Bundle allows players to take on themed challenges for weapon wraps and spray rewards.

Epic flAUNTS bENEFITS Of egs Exclusivity

Borderlands 3 stands as the highest-profile Epic Games Store (EGS) exclusive to date and weaving it into the Fortnite eco-system is a sure-fire way to secure purchases. The marketing potential cannot be understated.

In many ways, the promotion is a vehicle for Epic Games to showcase just what it can do for developers, beyond throwing wads of cash their way to secure the latest titles. Through Epic Games Store exclusivity, studios get access to the 250 million-strong Fortnite player base through cross-promotion and Epic isn’t shying away from going all in to secure returns.

Access to such a market is nothing to scoff at and may very well prove instrumental in tempting studios towards exclusivity, not to speak of redressing the negativity weathered by Epic Games in recent weeks from various parties within the gaming industry.