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Democratic 2020 Hopefuls Won’t Beat Donald Trump if They Can’t Beat Baby Yoda

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
Kiril Nikolaev
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
  • Baby Yoda, the fictional character from “The Mandalorian,” is taking over social media feeds.
  • Even with the entry of billionaire Michael Bloomberg, the Democratic aspirants trail the adorable alien in terms of social media interactions.
  • Baby Yoda’s dominance may be a sign that Democratic candidates are no match against Donald Trump.

Baby Yoda is taking social media by storm. The uber cute character from Disney+’s hit series “The Mandalorian” is capturing the imagination of millions of Star Wars fans. The breakout star is out-trending all Democratic 2020 candidates on Facebook and Twitter. If they can’t beat Baby Yoda, it may be hard beating Donald Trump.

The doe-eyed green creature that maybe the clone or the offspring of Yoda  made its debut on Nov. 12. The character’s appearance coincided with the entry of two new Democratic candidates: Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick. The candidates were the beneficiaries of thousands of articles since their arrival at the Democratic stage. Yet, both are trailing against the Jedi Master look-alike in terms of social media interactions.

On top of that, Baby Yoda is driving nearly twice the number of social interactions per story than any Democratic 2020 aspirant. This is bad news for the possible contender who wishes to dethrone Donald Trump. The POTUS is a social media savant.

Tale of the Tape: Baby Yoda Is a Social Media Heavyweight

The diminutive character from the Star Wars spin-off is taking over Facebook and Twitter. According to NewsWhip data exclusively provided to Axios, Baby Yoda leads all Democratic candidates  on average social interactions per story. On average, the adorable alien drives 1,671 social interactions per story, which is almost double the number of Bernie Sanders (850).

Other candidates fare much worse. Joe Biden’s interactions per story stand at 839 while Pete Buttgieg ranks fourth at 600.

The force is strong in Baby Yoda
The force is strong in Baby Yoda. | Source: Axiom 

Baby Yoda may be behind in terms of media saturation but the delightful star has managed to spark reader interest. Axiom reported that Bloomberg was the subject of 7,650 articles since Nov. 12 to rank second among Democratic hopefuls. Patrick comes in at number four with 4,044 articles. Meanwhile, Baby Yoda takes the tenth spot with 1,368 articles. Nevertheless, the character has bagged ten times more social interactions than both late entrants.

Donald Trump Has Twitter Eating at the Palm of His Hands

Democratic candidates are in big trouble if they can’t even compete against a fictional character. Keep in mind, Baby Yoda isn’t tweeting or actively doing something to inspire social media traffic. It’s difficult to imagine how they can stack up against a marketing genius, Donald Trump.

The POTUS is masterfully using Twitter to boost his presidency. One tweet from Trump can send the stock market soaring. A few targeted tweets is enough to influence the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates. Trump is so effective in delivering a message on Twitter that each tweet has a market value of $82,140.74 and an engagement value of $935,189.67.

The monetary values of a Donald Trump tweet
The monetary values of a Donald Trump tweet. | Source: Twitter 

In addition, the president is a tweet machine. In September alone, Trump tweeted 797 times . By actively voicing out his thoughts on the microblogging site, the president is making a strong effort to stay relevant.

Democratic seekers are up against a social media behemoth in Donald Trump. The fact that they’re getting overshadowed by a 50-year-old alien that looks like a baby doesn’t bode well for their presidential prospects. They would be outgunned, outplayed and outclassed by a billionaire entrepreneur who stole the presidency from Hillary Clinton by leveraging social media. Brad Pascale, Trump’s digital director said ,

Facebook and Twitter were the reason we won this thing.