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Dak Prescott Will Likely Get Elite Money for His Above-Average Talent

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
  • Quarterback Dak Prescott reportedly turned down a contract worth $33 million per year from the Cowboys.
  • The Cowboys starter reportedly wants $40 million annually.
  • Prescott is no Patrick Mahomes, but he could get paid like him.

The Dak Prescott contract drama lives another day.

Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith  is the latest personality to weigh in on the situation. Smith claims that Prescott should cut the Cowboys some slack and take less than he’s looking for:

Dak has to understand and maybe take another perspective. The perspective may not be all the money that you get. It may be how much money are you willing to leave on the table because the Cowboys [are] a marketable organization. If you’re the face of the franchise, instead of taking $35 [million[, would you take $28 [million], and leave some for Amari and pick up the other $35 [million] through endorsements?

Dak Prescott Wants Patrick Mahomes Money

I’ve stated it before; I don’t think Dak Prescott is worth Mahomes-level money. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be aiming for as much dollar and term as he can get.

Emmitt Smith should know how Dak Prescott feels. In 1993, Smith wanted big money – Thurman Thomas money if I recall.

Hey Emmitt, try giving advice that you’ve actually taken before. | Source: Twitter 

Not only did Smith refuse to budge, but he also missed the first two games of the season to make his point. He went further than Dak Prescott probably ever will.

So yeah, sit down, Emmitt.

Prescott Might Get the Payday He’s Looking For

Dak Prescott could go on to become a great quarterback, but if we’re looking at what he’s done until now?


But we’ve seen average and above-average quarterbacks get paid top dollar.

Derek Carr? Kirk Cousins? Matthew Stafford? Jimmy Garoppolo? None of those quarterbacks have ever been considered elite. Yet, all of them, at some point, got superstar money.

So, why not Dak?

What Is a Realistic Number For Dak Prescott?

He’s already reportedly turned down $33 million annually.  There are also reports that Patrick Mahomes will eventually sign a new contract with the Chiefs at around $40 million per year. 

Dak Prescott will likely sign for a number somewhere in the middle. Joel Corry, a former agent who is well respected for his work in the salary cap space, agrees.

He believes Prescott should aim for a contract worth $37.5 million per year , which sounds like where the market will place him.

But will he sign that deal with Dallas Cowboys? Or will he be lining up for another NFL franchise next year? Either way, expect Dak to get paid more than he’s worth.

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