No Spoilers: Conan O’Brien’s Death Stranding Studio Visit is Hilariously Silly

A lot about 2019's most-anticipated game continues to be shrouded in secrecy. | Source: Conan/YouTube

You’ve got to love Conan O’Brien’s clueless takes on the world of gaming. His oft-naive and stumbling gameplay snippets usually make for comedic watching. In his latest video, he visits Kojima Productions Tokyo HQ to get a behind-the-scenes look at the highly-anticipated and Death Stranding.

Aside from a pretty facile running joke about Hideo Kojima’s Ultra Man paraphernalia, it’s pretty entertaining stuff. It’s also a pleasant treat seeing Kojima overwhelmed by a brand of quirkiness that exceeds his own eccentricity.

A Behind-The-Scenes Visit

Cracking quips, Conan enters the studio as if entering a secretive government facility. He samples a trailer for Death Stranding and reacts in signature baffled style, before visiting Kojima’s office.

To the detriment of his tough-guy image, we learn that Norman Reedus expressly requested his in-game likeness with extra muscles.

Kojima then asks Conan if he wants to be in the game before seating him at the center of an intricate spread of cameras. After viewing his likeness, Conan’s claims that he could take on the role of ‘a great masculine hero,’ only to be met with polite chuckles from Kojima and his team.

Conan O’Brien Is In Death Stranding

While you’d be excused for thinking the in-game segment is an elaborately staged ploy for the video, Kojima says it’s real.

In a tweet, the Death Stranding creator confirmed Conan O’Brien is well and truly in the game. He plays the role of ‘The Wandering MC.’ Hopefully, Conan’s contorted facial expressions make it in as well.

Source: Twitter

The video rounds off with a snapshot of Conan in Death Stranding flogging an in-game clothing item ”threaded by the hand of my cosplay partner’, as he says.

The clothing item is real too – the sea otter suit. It improves playable protagonist Sam Porter’s swimming ability, according to Kojima.

While the gaming press devours review copies Death Stranding ahead of the embargo lift on Nov. 1 and Kojima readies to drop a launch trailer, Conan’s welcome lightness keeps the hype chugging along nicely.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:13 PM

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