Death Stranding Director Hideo Kojima Teases Final Launch Trailer

Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding

Death Stranding's launch trailer is currently under production ahead of the much-hyped game's release in November. | Source: CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP

The final Death Stranding trailer is almost here and it has gamers incredibly enthusiastic for the next masterpiece from legendary director Hideo Kojima. News that the final trailer is ready comes directly from Kojima himself via a Tweet on Monday morning.

Unfortunately for Death Stranding fans, they’ll have to wait a few weeks until they can see this new trailer in all its glory. Kojima confirms that this new trailer is for the launch of the video game, which doesn’t take place until Nov. 8, 2019, on the PlayStation 4.

A couple of images that go along with the Tweet also don’t reveal anything that fans don’t already know about Death Stranding. These images include a simple shot of the trailer editing timeline, as well as whales stranded on a beach. That last image is where the video game’s name comes from. Clues about the upcoming video game have been dropping alongside other content, so it wouldn’t be surprising if these two screenshots contain some yet unseen hints.

Even if there are no clues to be found. News that the final Death Stranding trailer is complete has gamers sharing their excitement on Twitter.

The Hype is Real for the Final Death Stranding Trailer

Gamers that want to learn more about Death Stranding before it comes out are in luck. The review embargo for the game lifts on Nov. 1, 2019, a full week before launch. That means they’ll have a good idea if it can match up to the hype well before the final release. It’s also a sign that Kojima and Sony are confident the game will perform well with reviewers.

Death Stranding fans that want to avoid spoilers will be best off skipping the more in-depth reviews of the game. Instead, it might be better for them to just check out the overall score. Hardcore fans may even want to take a sabbatical from social media. Those that don’t will risk running into spoilers before they get the chance to experience the video game’s story for themselves.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:11 PM
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