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Blame Strict Sony Executives for Frustrating PS5 Event Delays

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:58 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:58 PM
  • Sony will reportedly host a PlayStation 5 showcase on June 3.
  • New information suggests Sony executives are adamant about hosting a polished and ‘professional’ event.
  • This approach has reportedly led to frustration among developers penciled in to showcase their games at multiple cancelled events.

New information suggests Sony might have held a PS5 event earlier, were it not for exacting executives.

The demand for a ‘professional’ event seemingly led to Sony pushing back the showcase to the rumored June 3 slot we learned about yesterday.

Sony Execs Demand ‘Professional’ PS5 Presentation

Speaking during the most recent episode of Kinda Funny Daily , former IGN reporter and presenter, Alanah Pearce, offered behind-the-scenes insight into why it’s taken Sony so long to host a highly-anticipated event.

Pearce explains:

Sony has tried to do presentations already this year, and I know this from developers who were supposed to be part of those presentations, but didn’t, because for some reason, somewhere in the Sony hierarchy, they were very obsessed with the idea of having a very, very professional stream rather than something previously recorded. So they weren’t willing to do anything outside of a massive studio with a crew of 25 to 30 people.

Pearce also notes that this decision caused frustration among developers penciled in to take part in Sony’s presentation.

For those devs who were planning to have their games revealed at those certain streams, this was very frustrating because they were like, ‘I don’t understand why we can’t just send you in this footage and have our marketing go out as planned.’ But, PlayStation wasn’t having the at-home quality stuff. They were refusing to do it.

Pearce‘s scoop also hints that Sony put off several planned presentations. The ex-IGN presenter expects a wealth of games during next week’s PS5 event as Sony plays catch-up. A stacked spread of PS5 games is consistent with rumors from multiple sources that Sony is planning to showcase a hefty line-up.

Kinda Funny Daily host, Blessing, rightly points out that the hurdles thrown up by the pandemic presumably complicated matters. Work-from-home measures will have naturally amplified the difficulty of piecing together a presentation up to Sony’s standards.

Contrast To Microsoft’s Strategy

Blessing also notes the contrast with Microsoft’s most recent episodes of Inside Xbox.

These have had a more ‘homey’ feel as Microsoft beamed Xbox executives and developers from their home offices, or even kitchens.

Blame Exacting Sony Execs for Delays to the PS5 Event
Microsoft’s most recent ‘homey’ Inside Xbox episodes will stand in stark contrast to Sony’s polished presentation. Source: Xbox/YouTube

When we consider these grainy images seemingly captured on bargain bin webcams alongside trite jokes and a disappointing roster of third-party titles, it felt like Xbox missed the mark.

We’re likely to see a far ‘tighter’ and polished presentation from Sony.