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Bill Burr Proves That Not Everyone Has to Conform in Woke 2020

Last Updated October 2, 2020 11:27 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated October 2, 2020 11:27 PM
  • Comedian Bill Burr is known for his outlandish claims, and contrarian takes.
  • SNL announced that they’ve booked him to host their show next week.
  • Like most TV shows, SNL strives to maintain ‘wokeness,’ so why did they book a mud-slinging white man? Because he’s aware of a little thing called ‘nuance.’

Congrats to Bill Burr and Issa Rae.

Saturday Night Live (SNL) just announced that both stars will join Chris Rock as hosts of SNL this October.  Much like Rock, Burr is known for embracing harsh, controversial truths in his comedy.

That hasn’t kept him from getting work, not even in this sensitive day and age.

While certain groups of confused people all across America feel like they’re being muted (we’re looking you, Proud Boys), Bill Burr is proving you don’t have to be silenced.

You just have to communicate better.

Bill burr
Bill Burr makes it on SNL. | Source: Twitter 

The Times We’re Living In

Who would’ve thought that a statement as simple and obvious as “Black Lives Matter” would cause such controversy?

Sure, it’s grown into an organization that people can demonize, and many have chosen to focus on the protests and the looting–but let’s be real: people resisted the phrase before any of that. They claimed that “All Lives Matter,” and they do, but that’s not the point.

Growing legions of certain groups have been feeling demonized, marginalized, and muted. In short, they feel how minorities in America have felt for years.

Proud Boys
You don’t need guns and gangs to be heard. | Source: Matthew Dae Smith/Lansing State Journal via AP

Simultaneously, the far Left has become trigger happy with their censorship, shooting down anyone who dares be less woke than them. In the process, they’ve become almost as insufferable as the people they’re trying to vilify.

The result has been radicalization on both sides. But people like Bill Burr are proving that it’s not the others that are holding you down–it’s yourself. You can speak your truth; you just have to be smart.

Bill Burr Has Never Been One to Pull Punches

You see the criticisms all the time now. ‘People have become too sensitive. Everyone is a snowflake. The PC Police are controlling the media.’

If that were true, then surely there’s no way a white man — who’s ridiculed Caitlyn Jenner , who’s argued against never hitting a woman , and who’s even clapped back at white guilt — should be getting booked on SNL.

But there’s a difference between Bill Burr and the average ‘truth-loving’ American. Burr has discovered a thing called nuance. He can make an outlandish statement that outrages many, and explain himself in a way that gets most of them back.

Take his “White Guilt” joke, for example:

If the average Joe walked down the street and said “white guilt and white condemnation is BS,” he would probably be vilified. Bill Burr says it, and the crowd rejoices. Why? There are several reasons.

For one, he’s not making demands. He’s making suggestions. Secondly, he’s sharing his opinion. He’s not ‘telling you how it is.’ And perhaps most importantly, he admits that it’s a real thing before he begins his takedown.

Dude, I got it. My ancestors are evil. Please turn the channel, please turn the channel.

He knows that people who look like him have done terrible things, but he doesn’t feel like he’s necessarily one of them. That’s a sentiment many Americans can probably agree with.

But he does not outright deny the past. He even admits, “I got that evil in me.” Although he equates it to a race, let’s be honest, everyone probably has some form of that evil inside them. That can be cathartic and unifying.

Finally, he shares his desires. He doesn’t want to see ridiculous movies and TV shows pretending everything is always harmonious, or that white people are always the worst. By the time he shares his wants, he has everyone on his side because he was vulnerable.

You can be like him too.

The Burr Rules for Communication

So, frustrated Americans, you might not be able to communicate as effectively as Bill Burr, but you can learn from him. If you want to make an attempt at bridging the political divide, follow his simple rules:

  • Acknowledge reality
  • Admit when you’re wrong – be vulnerable
  • Share your opinion, not your demands
  • Share your desires

That’s it! Boom. America has been fixed. Thank Bill Burr.

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