#ToiletTrump Floods Twitter After Trump Flushes Low-Flow Toilet Regulations

Donald Trump’s proposal to repeal low-flow toilet regulations got splash back on the Twitter hashtag #ToiletTrump, but he has a good point.

5 Reasons McDonald’s Chicken Sandwich Won’t Be a Chick-fil-A Killer

McDonald’s joins the chicken sandwich wars with the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, but it will be no match for Chick-fil-A’s product or brand.

Are Employment Numbers Solid or a Debt Fueled Jobs Bubble?

The jobs report for November gave Wall Street a jolt, but sky high corporate debt and declining earnings threaten to burst the jobs bubble.

Consumer Credit Bubble Could Drag Economy into Recession

Consumer credit card and other debts are showing distress after years of easy money chasing risky profits like the subprime housing bubble.

Throwback Thursday: Nancy Pelosi’s 2008 Quid Pro Quo with Visa

Nancy Pelosi is calling for the House to impeach Trump for a quid pro quo with Ukraine. What about her own quid pro quo with Visa in 2008?

Impeachment Plot Twist: Democrats are the “Russian Bots” Promoting Trump

The Democrats’ impeachment push is giving Donald Trump far more publicity than any army of Russian bots, real or imagined, ever could.

Melania Trump Rips Impeachment Witness for Mocking Her Son

FLOTUS took an expert witness to task for making a joke about the Trump’s minor son, Barron, during impeachment testimony Wednesday.

Tulsi Gabbard Fans Dance on Kamala Harris Campaign’s Grave

Sen. Kamala Harris dropped out of the 2020 Democratic primary after low poll numbers, and a viral debate brawl with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

NASDAQ Stocks Offer Steep Discount After Cyber Monday Selloff: Bullish Analysts

Gizmos and gadgets weren’t the only thing on sale Cyber Monday. The NASDAQ extended losses into Tuesday, but tech stocks could soar this week.

New Trump Tariffs Could Send Beer Prices Soaring

Another round of surprise Trump tariffs are the president’s remedy for weaker foreign currencies, but it could be bitter news for beer prices.

#TulsiMediaBlackout Explodes on Twitter: Real or Excuse for Dismal Poll Numbers?

#TulsiMediaBlackout is trending on Twitter. Is the press really ignoring Tulsi Gabbard, or is it just an excuse for her poor poll numbers?

Crypto Developer’s Arrest for Aiding North Korea Echoes Eerily Prophetic 2008 NYT Profile

Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith was arrested for teaching North Korea about crypto. A decade earlier, the NYT wrote an eerily prophetic profile on him.

Happy Danksgiving! Marijuana Dispensaries Chill Prices for Black Friday

They may need to add “shopping fever” to the list of ailments that qualify for medical marijuana. Traffic is high for Black Friday deals.

Intensely Bearish BTC Futures Market Predicts Gloomy 2020 for Bitcoin Price

BTC futures traders are bundling up for a long bitcoin price winter. Based on a major options market, bitcoin will go lower by June 2020.

Consumer Confidence Burnout Could Scorch the Dow in 2020

US Consumer Confidence declines for a fourth consecutive month in a 7.5% swing since July in a bad sign for Dow stock prices in 2020.

Bitcoin Price Bear Gloats: ‘BTC Down 65%’ ‘Total Crypto Apocalypse!’

Bitcoin permabear Nouriel Roubini is gloating again as the bitcoin price continues its November freefall, but the industry eyes growth ahead.

No Bubble: This Key Metric Rules Out A Repeat of 2007 Housing Crash

Despite mounting fears of another housing crash, a deep dive into the data reveals a market fundamentally different from the one in 2007.

Trump 2.0: 5 Ways Michael Bloomberg Is Just Like Donald Trump

From Wall Street, to foreign policy, to Stop and Frisk, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Donald Trump have a lot in common.

Sacha B. Cohen Gives Crazy Speech Against Crazy Speech on Social Media

Sacha Baron Cohen is right that objective truth and facts exist. But only a tyrant lays claim to infallible and final arbiter of what’s true.

Trump Secretly Met with 2 Crypto Heavyweights

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and board member Peter Thiel met secretly with…

Monero’s Embarrassing Website Hack: What You Need to Know

A user discovered an anomaly Monday in command line interface binaries downloaded…

Why Elizabeth Warren’s Housing Plan Would Trash the US Economy

Elizabeth Warren’s new housing plan promises to reduce rents and empower renters.…

Survey: Crypto Investors Favored Hillary in 2016, But Crypto Whales Voted Trump

Crypto investors supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a wide margin…

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Are Gunning for the White House in 2024

Kanye West doesn’t seem like a viable candidate for the Oval Office…

Andrew Yang’s Plan to Regulate ‘Big Tech’ Is Tyranny

Andrew Yang’s plan to regulate big tech will end up backfiring, and…