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Horrifying Jeremy Corbyn Target Practice Video a Warning to UK Leftists

Last Updated April 27, 2023 9:05 AM
W. E. Messamore
Last Updated April 27, 2023 9:05 AM

A shocking video has emerged  of U.K. troops stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan using a large photo of main opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn for target practice on a shooting range.

World Counter Terrorism Congress Chair Alistair Bunkall posted the video of the soldiers’ recklessly unprofessional behavior to Twitter early Wednesday morning:

Bunkall reports:

“The range is in the loft of New Kabul Compound in Afghanistan. Soldiers practice ‘guardian angel’ drills here – protecting VIPs… There are images of celebrities on the range, but as VIPs to be protected rather than shot at.”

“I’m told there are simulated paint rounds, not bullets. But ‘this is a terrible look’ as one senior defence source just said to me.”

The video was reportedly filmed within the last few days.

A U.K. Army spokesperson said:

“We are aware of a video circulating on social media. This behaviour is totally unacceptable and falls well below the high standards the army expects. A full investigation has been launched.”

Jeremy Corbyn target practice video shows why you don’t want only your government to have all the guns.

For some time now, there has been a relentless campaign by left-wing agitators in the United States to expand federal power over the regulation of civilian armament in America.

Their tactics are shamelessly exploitative of deadly local tragedies which they politicize and spin into another alarmist media narrative that tyrannically imposes the collective thinking of group guilt on the liberty and nobility of the responsible individual in America.

We’ve already seen the results in the U.K., where the civilian population has been disarmed since the Firearms Amendment Act of 1988. This supposedly free country is now a place where people get arrested for making jokes on the Internet.

If you think that is an exaggeration, review the curious case of Count Dankula:

There is no political equity without safeguarding the fundamental human right to be dangerous.

In that menacing target practice video, it looks like the U.K. soldiers are threatening to stage a military coup d’état should the main opposition leader assume power.

It’s probably just a few idiots who think they’re really funny.

As one commentator tweeted:

“I know a bloody lot of soldiers who have served in Kabul and other, even more dangerous places, including myself. And I am sure that we all would agree that this behaviour is far, far below the standards of the British Army.”

Still, who would film a video like that unless they wanted it to be watched? If they were just goofing off, it seems to me they wouldn’t have filmed it.

Could be that they’re trying to send a message rather than blow off steam with some grim political humor while training in theater.

Who can be sure until a thorough investigation has been undertaken?

Dear England, please listen to your most insightful leftist: George Orwell.

George Orwell mural, Southwold Pier
The U.K. needs to heed George Orwell’s warning. | Source: Ian Taylor/Geograph

But if I saw a video of my government’s military doing this, I would rest assured that America’s civilian population is well-armed to deter the total catastrophe of rule by a military junta.

Essentially, the entire sum of George Orwell’s brilliant and terrifyingly incisive literary contributions to the world amount to a warning that English-speaking people are no different – and no better – than the people of the many other countries who suffered the ravages of totalitarian dictatorship in the 20th century. A warning that it could happen in England.

How do you feel as a leftist living in the U.K. today watching your nation’s soldiers use a picture of Jeremy Corbyn for target practice? Hopefully like you had better waste no time in fighting for your fundamental human right to bear arms as a civilian without having to join the military as a regular soldier.