Antonio Brown Costumes Are All the Rage This Halloween

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October 28, 2019 8:03 PM UTC
  • NFL fans across the country are making DIY Antonio Brown Halloween costumes.
  • Unlike in previous years, these “AB the Clown” costumes pay tribute to his off-the-field performance.
  • They could also serve as inspiration for Brown when he inevitably decides to become a pro wrestler.

Free agent NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown is truly the gift that keeps on giving. For years, he entertained us and helped us win fantasy football championships on the field. But now that he is out of the game, he is providing us with even more entertainment—and some awesome Halloween costume ideas.

Yes, it appears that many fans have found another use for their old Antonio Brown jerseys.

Best NFL-Inspired Halloween Costume Ever?

Halloween has always been a time for children and adults to flex their creative muscles and pretend to be their favorite professional athletes (among other things) for a night. This year, scores of NFL fans have decided they want to be Antonio Brown for Halloween, but not Antonio Brown, the All-Pro wideout.

No, they’re going as the new persona fans have come to know and love: AB the Clown.

What’s cuter than a bunch of kids dressing up like their hero?

If you believe everything you see online (especially social media), there is even an Antonio Brown costume kit available (it’s fake):

Just last year, fans were proud to have their kids dress up as Antonio Brown, the football player, for Halloween. But this year, they’re embracing him for his accomplishments off the football field.

With his never-ending barrage of ridiculous tweets, is anyone surprised?

A Preview of Antonio Brown’s Future Pro Wrestling Persona?

As respected as Drew Rosenhaus is as an agent, you would think he would take Antonio Brown’s phone away from him to get him to stop tweeting. Either that or demand that Brown’s utility company switch off his internet. The more Brown tweets, the harder it will be to find him another job.

One day, he expresses regret for his antics. But then he turns right back around and tweets out a whole bunch of nonsense, adding fuel to the fire that has created the Antonio Brown clown costume.

One of his latest from Sunday morning about the XFL is a great example:

If he doesn’t like the idea of slumming it in the XFL, that’s fine. But it makes no sense to insult a businessman like Vince McMahon. For a guy with few career options open to him, burning a bridge with someone who likes flamboyant, arrogant, and obnoxious personalities is not smart. He should be hitting McMahon up for a job.

Maybe that is the method to his madness and his next career—pro wrestler. Why not? It certainly doesn’t seem like he is ever going to play football again. 

He has already developed a solid persona as a heel. His (self) promotional skills are top-notch, and he already has a hype video (sort of):

Come on, Vince McMahon! Make it happen!

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