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Activision Leaks Call of Duty Warzone Duos, Quickly Deletes the Evidence

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:48 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:48 PM
  • A Season 3 teaser on the official Warzone website revealed that Duos are heading to the battle royale shooter.
  • Publisher Activision was quick to remove the evidence, but the news is already spreading far and wide.
  • Warzone is begging for a Duos mode so the timing is ideal.

A Duos mode is heading to battle royale shooter Call of Duty: Warzone sometime during the freshly-launched Season 3. The news comes courtesy of a leak from none other than publisher Activision.

An Official Leak

A since-removed teaser on the official Season 3 portal on the Warzone website  hyped upcoming ‘new modes.’ Among these were Duos, Quads, and the promise of ‘more throughout the season.’ The site was quickly updated, and any trace of an upcoming Duos mode erased.

Activision Leaks Call of Duty: Warzone Duos and Quickly Deletes the Evidence
Source: Reddit 

Activision frantically flailing to limit the damage was, of course, futile. Members of the Warzone community snapped screenshots before Activision tried to cover up the blunder.

The news found its way onto the Warzone subreddit  and was beamed out across the internet thanks to Warzone dedicated Twitter accounts  and the like picking it up.

It’s unclear why Activision removed the section highlighting duos – possibly someone at Warzone HQ jumped the gun and shared the news a bit earlier than planned. Or, maybe the marketing team uploaded the wrong image. Whatever the reason, it confirms in no uncertain terms that Duos are indeed heading to Warzone in the not too distant future.

As for a time frame, we’d wager sooner rather than later in Season 3’s expected two-month lifespan. For many players, the sooner, the better.

Warzone is Begging For a Duos Mode

The introduction of Quads and the removal of Trios hasn’t exactly gone down a treat. Why Activision and developer Infinity Ward opted to remove Trios is baffling? The mode has been a staple of the game since it launched in February.

Duos will please those eager to keep their squads tight-knit with known quantities that can deliver in the heat of a match. And this rather than having to rely on the ever flaky random that so often spoils the party when you can’t draft in a third or even fourth friend to play.

There’s only so many 2v4s you can handle before throwing in the towel to instead jump back on Twitch for some Valorant beta access drop hunting.