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Xbox Series X Hits Production Line But Microsoft Has Stock Concerns

Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:56 PM
  • The head of Xbox France has revealed that production of the next-gen Xbox Series X has begun.
  • Speaking in an interview with French outlet, Xboygen, Ina Gilbert noted that starting production early was crucial given the complexity of the console and production process.
  • Microsoft’s assurances appear to echo those of AMD, with confirmation earlier this month that the chip giant was ramping up production of PS5 and Series X hardware.

Although Microsoft confirmed as recently as last month that the Xbox Series X would launch as planned during ‘holiday 2020,’  there are concerns among would-be owners that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could derail the gaming giant’s plans.

The volatility of the situation has led to questions about Microsoft’s ability to deliver the console as planned, especially as the crisis shows no sign of abating.

Microsoft has offered yet more assurances that it is confident about releasing the Xbox Series X during ‘Holiday 2020.’

Microsoft Executive Confirms Xbox Series X Production Has Started
Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Production Has Begun

During an interview with French Xbox-focused gaming outlet, Xboxygen , the head of Xbox France, Ina Gelbert, fielded questions regarding the Xbox Series X launch at the end of the year.

One, in particular, touched on whether Microsoft has started producing Xbox Series X consoles. Although Gelbert didn’t respond with an emphatic ‘yes,’ the subtext is that production has begun.

The Xbox Series X will be the most powerful home console yet. | Source: Microsoft 

The head of Xbox France noted that the complexity of launching a console and the numerous specialized components require a considerable amount of work, notably establishing appropriate production lines in manufacturing facilities.

Limited Stock and Unforeseen Complications

Another question queried how confident French would-be Xbox Series X owners should be about getting their hands on the console at launch, and whether Gelbert foresaw a limited number of units hitting stores.

Gelbert struck a positive note, explaining:

As it stands, we’ll have the units at launch. France is among our priority regions. Now, will we have enough? That’s the million-dollar question and is the source of much discussion internally.

Gelbert did warn that unexpected complications out of Microsoft’s control could cause distribution woes, referring to further lockdown measures and, indirectly, to a worsening of the situation, notably a second wave of infections.

Microsoft’s assurances appear to echo those of AMD. AMD CEO, Lisa Su, noted that the company was ramping up production of the chips set to feature in both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in line with a late 2020 launch.

As it stands, Microsoft is on track to launch the Series X as planned in France, and presumably in other priority regions.