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Xbox Executive’s Price Secrecy is a Reminder of Next-Gen Stakes

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:28 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:28 PM
  • Two months away from launch, Microsoft has yet shared a price or firm release date for the Xbox Series X.
  • In response to fans voicing their concerns, Xbox UK’s marketing head is asking for patience.
  • Sony remains as tight-lipped about its PS5 release plans.

As the Xbox Series X launch this November looms ever closer, Microsoft has asked for yet more patience from fans eager for the platform holder to lay bare its launch plans.

Less than two months away, we remain in the dark about the price tag Microsoft plans to stamp on the Xbox Series X, and what date it has earmarked to release the console into the wild.

There’s also the ongoing baffling secrecy surrounding the less powerful, budget Xbox Series S, which once again cropped up on a Game Pass promotional document yesterday.

Xbox Asks for More Time

While patience is wearing thin, Xbox UK’s marketing head, Samuel Bateman, took to Twitter to request fans wait a while longer for the coveted news .

Responding to an Xbox fan understandably voicing their disbelief as the situation and the narrowing time frame for would-be owners to financially plan for what is expected to be an expensive console, Bateman said:

“I understand everyone is excited to know and people want to plan purchases etc. We’ll let you all know when we’re ready.”

Xbox asks for more patience from fans. | Source: Twitter 

Another fan raised concerns about the vagueness of Bateman’s response , describing Xbox’s approach as one usually observed months and months ahead of a console launch rather than sixty days before, to which the marketing lead answered:

“If I could tell you I would. Like I said, when we’re ready, we’ll tell you.”

Ready when it’s ready. | Source: Twitter 

It’s worth noting that Microsoft is contending with unprecedented circumstances: the pandemic and its associated volatility mean this next-gen launch is anything but traditional. Microsoft’s reluctance to share a firm release date may stem from a wariness of potential last-minute hiccups.

Nevertheless, fans remain frustrated by the ongoing radio silence, compounded by rival Sony adopting a broadly similar strategy of stretching out its next-gen reveal to an extent the likes of which we haven’t seen before .