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Xbox Live Suffers Outage, Leaving Gamers Scrambling

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:49 PM
Luke Luby
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:49 PM

Xbox Live has suffered an outage, preventing users from buying and downloading games. The company took to Twitter and its status page to notify players about the problem and noted that it also impacts Windows 10 users. The only problem is Twitter suffered repeated outages of its own today.

Though most of the services remained online, there were a few notable limitations; most of these affected new purchases and downloads.


The company initially took to its status page to say:

“Our engineers and developers are actively continuing to work to resolve this issue causing some members to have problems finding previously purchased content or purchasing new content.”

Since the original update, it seems as though many of the core Xbox Live problems have been resolved. Many of the issues affected the platform’s purchase and content usage categories. Taking to Twitter several hours after issued first occurred, Xbox noted that it saw an “improvement” in services.

Ongoing Xbox Live Problems

Many Xbox Live users have reported that they’ve had login issues for much of the day. It was first believed that the problem mainly affected signing in, although it was later confirmed that players had account management issues. The error doesn’t seem to be limited to particular countries, with players from around the world highlighting the issue.

While many players have experienced problems trying to purchase and download games, others have seemingly been unaffected; these users appear to be in the minority.

Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft 10 customers all experienced the problem. The company hasn’t explained what may have caused the Xbox Live issue. It’s believed, however, that the problem is with a server issue  on Microsoft’s end. Initially, it didn’t appear to have a timeline for when it would be fixed, although it looks as though many of the services have since been restored.

Website Outages

Microsoft isn’t the only company to experience online outages in the past day. Epic Games’ Fortnite had similar issues with its multiplayer, which also happened to affect Xbox players. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players found a similar reduction in service. Both Twitter and Reddit experienced the same problems throughout the day. Reddit, in particular, was virtually inaccessible for several hours. While the Xbox Live issue doesn’t appear to be as extensive, it is one of the larger outages out of the group.