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Luke Luby is an Irish journalist based in Spain who covers gaming, current affairs and entertainment. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Gears of War 5's Smoking Ban Is Ridiculous & Hypocritical

gears of war 5 smoking

In what will surely be a candidate for most hypocritical virtue signal of 2019, Gears of War 5 will not feature any tobacco use, with developer The Coalition aiming to avoid glamorizing smoking. The issue was first raised ahead of the Gears 5 Summer Series event this past weekend. Variety reports that broadcaster Turner was approached by the Truth Initiative to discuss smoking in the game...

Valve Hypes Machine-Learning Game Recommender after Steam Sale Disaster

Steam, Valve

This year's Steam summer sale was a lot more underwhelming that many would have thought. The problem wasn't with the discounts; instead, players and developers were disappointed with how Valve incentivized more sales. Valve's 'Grand Prix' meta game for the sale confused both customers and studios, with the addition encouraging users to spend more money on-platform to earn rewards. Dear...

Xbox Live Suffers Outage, Leaving Gamers Scrambling


Xbox Live has suffered an outage, preventing users from buying and downloading games. The company took to Twitter and its status page to notify players about the problem and noted that it also impacts Windows 10 users. The only problem is Twitter suffered repeated outages of its own today. Though most of the services remained online, there were a few notable limitations; most of these affected...

Epic Games Adds Airstrikes to Fortnite and Players Are Furious


Epic Games has added a new update to Fortnite. Chief among the new features is an airstrike grenade, which adds fire from the sky for players lucky enough to find weapons on the map. Each projectile brings 20 missiles with it, and explosions damage players and buildings alike within a 3.5-meter radius. Like many other recent additions, the airstrikes have received backlash from the community...

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's Ridiculous Explanation for Forgettable Hero

star wars jedi: fallen order

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars fans could count on video game adaptions that lived up to the pedigree of the tentpole franchise. Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2, for example, were both critical and commercial successes upon release. Since then, the franchise has seen diminishing returns, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order seems to be succumbing to the same culture of...

How The Coalition's Gears of War 5 Escalation Mode Differs from Fortnite

gears of war

With Gears of War 5 being several months from release, developer The Coalition has started unveiling new features of the game. Fans of the franchise's multiplayer game are set to get a kick out of Gears 5's new Escalation mode, which the developer notes is the "most intense competitive mode to date." A blog post and video package highlight features of the upcoming title's PvP gameplay. Escalation...

Indie Publishers Bash G2A, Beg You to Pirate Their Games

pirate games instead of buy from G2A

It turns out that game publishers loathe G2A and its controversial business model so intensely that they'd rather you pirate their titles than give the video game key reseller a dime. Leading the protest is Mike Rose, who published biking game Descenders. Taking to Twitter, Rose notes that it's virtually impossible to turn off the G2A ads for his game; he also highlighted the fact that these ads...

Epic Confirms Fortnite Crossover to Juice Your Stranger Things Binge

Stranger Things, Epic, Fortnite

Hours before Stranger Things season three was released on Netflix, fans began noticing portals inspired by the show were popping up in Fortnite. This led to speculation that there would be a crossover event featuring the two entertainment juggernauts, with Epic Games and Netflix subsequently confirming the news. Taking to the game's official Twitter, Epic posted an image that confirmed the...

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