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World’s Worst Dad? Man Mulls Skipping Child’s Birth to Play WoW Classic

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:55 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:55 PM

On Monday, as players wrapped their heads around queuing for hours to jump into Blizzard’s revamped take on vanilla World of Warcraft, one soon-to-be father had to contend with a wholly more serious conundrum – witness the birth of his first child or play WoW Classic at launch?

Dumbfounded by the prospect of missing one of these two defining moments in his life, Rocksalot, as he is known on the World of Warcraft forums, sought  the help of his fellow community members.

He writes:

“This is the nightmare scenario guys what do I do if the baby doesn’t come by the time servers go live? There will never be another Classic WoW launch and we could have more babies but I’m pretty sure my wife will be mad if I leave the hospital. What should I do?”

WoW Community Offers Some Solid Advice

Eager to help their fellow World of Warcraft player, the community jumped in with advice that ranged from practical:

“Simple really. Tell her that you need to quickly run an errand, grab a laptop (if you have it), transfer wow classic onto it. Get back to the hospital, find the only location in the room with wifi (my hospital doesn’t have wifi QQ) and focus on that loading screen.”

To the extreme:

“Divorce her now, disown the kid. and get your priorities straight. do we have to tell you everything?”

World of Warcraft Baby Names

Rocksalot’s devotion to the MMORPG didn’t stop there as he toyed with the idea of World of Warcraft-inspired baby names.

“If it’s a boy Mankirk if its a girl Mankirk’s Wife. I’m not going to tell my wife just have the nurses fill out the paperwork,” he wrote.

Rocksalot’s final decision on the matter is unknown as of writing, but let’s hope he opted to witness the birth given the endless queues , even more queuing  to complete quests, and rampant disconnection issues that have plagued World of Warcraft’s Classic highly-anticipated launch.

World of Warcraft Player Weighs Up Witnessing Birth Of Child Or Playing Classic At Launch
To say WoW Classic’s rollout has been messy would be an understatement. | Source: Twitter 

As for those able to play, the mad dash to level 60 hasn’t been without repercussions. Twitch mainstay Shroud’s computer packed  in after a lengthy 25 hour World of Warcraft marathon leaving him to contend with Windows’ ominous blue screen of death.