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WB’s Cryptic Batman Tease Is Only Infuriating Impatient Gamers

WB Montreal released a series of teasers with a distinctly Batman flavor across its social media accounts, sending fans wild with frustration.

  • WB Montreal publishes yet another cryptic Batman tease.
  • Three images posted across social media accounts form a crest when combined.
  • Gamers vent their frustration.

Today, WB Montreal released a series of teasers with a distinctly Batman flavor across its social media accounts.

Unsurprisingly, they’ve sent onlookers wild with speculation that a reveal is on the way – alongside a good smattering of frustration at WB Montreal’s antics.

Take a Look at This New Batman Teaser

Three images of what appeared to be a puzzle were published across WB Montreal’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

When combined, they form an emblem of sorts – possibly a badge for Gotham’s police department or a coat of arms for the city itself.

Source: Twitter

Alongside these images is a caption with a pretty overt reference to everyone’s favorite Dark Knight, reading “Capture the Knight.” Later on, each of the accounts posted the full image with the simple message “/redacted.”

Over on WB Montreal’s website, there’s a page titled “redacted,” which shows a larger symbol into which the badge now slots along with the image from a previous leak.

Back in September, WB Montreal shared an image of icons projected onto a building to celebrate Batman’s 80th anniversary. Among them were few short flashes of a superimposed image hinting at a new Batman title.

Source: Twitter

The Internet Reacts – And Fans Aren’t Happy

With anticipation for a new Batman game reaching fever pitch after first being hinted at by senior designer Osama Dorias back in October 2018, the latest post sent the internet into a frenzy.

The most common reaction was one of frustration, with many fans seemingly exasperated by WB Montreal’s game of cat and mouse. Response threads were awash with demands for the developer to reveal the game and release a trailer.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Others commented on WB Montreal’s habit of teasing the game only to go silent for months on end, leaving impatient fans thirsty for more.

Source: Twitter

Some rapidly donned their sleuthing hats and went full CSI on the image, analyzing each of the symbols emblazoned on the crest.

Source: Twitter

Over on Reddit, some posited their theories about the whole affair, trying to predict the story underpinning the game.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

Others vented their frustration at yet another Batman tease from WB Montreal.

Source: Reddit

Unfortunately, fans have little other recourse than to bottle that impatience up inside and keep waiting. Luckily, they’ve had plenty of practice.

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