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Ultracoin Price Trending Up Amid Marketing Redesign

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
Josiah Wilmoth
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

price trending downwardsOriginally launched in February 2014, Ultracoin  offers 30-second transaction times using the ASIC-resistant Scrypt-ChaCha algorithm. Although it has never gained a widespread following, Ultracoin persevered throughout what has been a tumultuous year for altcoins. Recently, the Ultracoin price has trended upwards, perhaps in part due to a new marketing initiative launched by the coin’s director.

Ultracoin Price Trending Up Amid Marketing Redesign

Long-time Ultracoin community member Steven “Rapture” became Management Director of Ultracoin in early November. One of Rapture’s primary goals as Management Director is to give Ultracoin a fresh look, including a redesigned logo and a streamlined website. Rapture also announced  today that Ultracoin would exhibit at the North American Bitcoin Conference, which should prove a marketing boon for Ultracoin.

Meanwhile, the Ultracoin price has been trending up (despite rather large fluctuations), perhaps due to Rapture’s efforts at revamping the coin. During the past week, the Ultracoin price rose from 8,259 satoshis to 11,355–a 33% rise.

Ultracoin price December 1
Seven-day Ultracoin price chart from CoinGecko. The current Ultracoin price is 11,355 satoshis.

Ultracoin now has a market cap of ~$990,000, which ranks it 31st among cryptocurrencies according to market cap.


Ultracoin logo
Ultracoin’s new logo

Although Ultracoin has risen to 31st in total market cap, CoinGecko  gives the coin a comprehensive ranking of 51st. Ultracoin has a particularly low developer activity score (12%) compared to most other coins. This disparity seems to indicate the Ultracoin price is out-performing the coin’s true potential. However, it is possible that investors are just ahead of the curve–perhaps believing the Ultracoin team’s redesign and other efforts will affect the coin’s price substantially over the long-term. Nevertheless, potential investors should keep the CoinGecko score in mind as they decide whether to buy into Ultracoin.

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