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Hypocritical Twitter Blasts Jim Cramer for Calling Nancy Pelosi Crazy

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
  • CNBC’s Jim Cramer called Nancy Pelosi “crazy Nancy” live on air.
  • He quickly became a top trend on Twitter, as people called his behavior inexcusable.
  • Some of those same types of people were essentially calling Pelosi crazy just a few short months ago.

There’s nothing funny about Jim Cramer calling Nancy Pelosi “crazy Nancy,” live on CNBC.

But it is hilarious that ‘woke’ Twitter is getting outraged at his comments.

That’s because they were essentially doing the same thing to Nancy Pelosi in June when she wore West African kente cloth at Emancipation Hall.

Jim Cramer Said What?!

We’ve seen this story before. A person in the public eye gets a reputation for saying shocking things. That person starts to take more risks until they take it one step too far, and the world turns on them.

And that person is Jim Cramer.

Check out his epic flub:

Cramer took a page from Donald Trump’s book and called Nancy Pelosi “Crazy Nancy,” to her face, live on air. He seemed to realize what he did immediately and tried to backtrack his comments:

I’m sorry! That was the president. I have such reverence for the office, I would never use that term.

Pelosi clapped back, saying the obvious: “but you just did.”


Twitter immediately buried Cramer under the Earth:

Jim Cramer
Joan is appalled. | Source: Twitter 
Jim Cramer
Of course, everyone wanted him fired. | Source: Twitter 
Jim Cramer
Holly makes a great point. | Source: Twitter 

In summation, Twitter thinks Jim Cramer is an appalling, f*%$ing moron who should be fired for calling Nancy Pelosi crazy. And honestly, they might be entirely right.

The problem is, they’re no different.

Is This the Same Nancy Pelosi That We Dragged for Her Fashion Choices?

A little over three months ago, the same ‘woke’ Twitter users dragged Nancy Pelosi’s name through the dirt when she showed up to Emancipation Hall looking like this:

The New Yorker called them an ’embarassment.’  Twitter thought she was culturally dense and generally insensitive, and the latter criticism is the same reason they’re going after Jim Cramer. And Twitter went after both people because they, too, lack a general sensitivity for others.

So what on Earth are we talking about here?

Jim Cramer is wrong for calling Nancy Pelosi names. He should probably be punished. Nancy Pelosi is wrong for her cultural appropriation.  Twitter users are wrong for being hypocritical and insensitive.

Can we just admit that no one really knows what they’re doing? That small bit of humility could be the first step towards finding some of that incredibly rare, common ground.

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