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Tom Brady Isn’t Going Anywhere and That’s Bad for the NFL

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:13 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:13 PM
  • Speculation has run rampant in the media over what the future may hold for New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady.
  • Brady said his focus is on the present and not the future.
  • However, if he did go elsewhere, it might be good for the NFL.

It is all Adam Schefter’s fault. If he hadn’t speculated about Tom Brady’s future with the Patriots, it wouldn’t be such a hot topic at the moment. But he’s done it before , so we shouldn’t be surprised—and Brady is 42-years old. That’s not just old for a quarterback, that’s like future Hall of Fame kicker type old.

So, it might have become a topic of discussion at some point anyway. Schefter’s conjecture tying Brady’s contract, selling his house, and his trainer selling his house meaning something more than it does just made it one now.

It doesn’t matter that Brady has not hinted at a desire to retire at the end of the season or play elsewhere. Nor does it matter that he has not strayed from the party line—he wants to play until he is 45.

But the media needs something hot to talk about, and everyone wants to be the guy that said it, “Tom Brady is retiring; New England’s reign of terror is over” first. However, it isn’t going to happen—at least, not yet.

So Says Tom Brady

The speculation over his future has become enough of a topic of conversation that Brady felt the need to address during his weekly interview with Jim Gray on Westwood One Radio. During the interview , he expressed his confusion over all the rumors and speculation:

“None of it is brought on by the things that I have said. Again, I said last week nothing has changed with my status of my team and my standing. I have really been focused on my job. A lot of the hype, a lot of the media speculation is just that.”

He could put it all to bed and state that he is not going anywhere and that he will remain in New England until his time in the NFL comes to an end. But he doesn’t—so, we speculate even though there is no good reason to think he is going to do anything other than what he has said. Why stop when you are still setting records?

No, he is not going anywhere and is not retiring any time soon. But it sure would be good for the NFL if he did.

A Brady-Patriots Divorce Needs to Happen

It’s time for a change.

Yes, Tom Brady and the Patriots have deserved every win, championship, and accolade, and have dominated the competition like no one else ever has. But it needs to stop because it is boring. Every year we hope that someone will rise up and knock the Patriots off their pedestal. But no one does, or at least not for very long if they do.

For AFC teams, it is almost like playing for the bronze medal before the regular season even starts. Without the drama and suspense that comes with a truly competitive season, the product the NFL is trying to produce is not as good as it could be. Yes, the division races are competitive, and there is no telling who will earn the wildcard slots.

But since we know how the season is going to end, it isn’t as much fun as it could be to watch it.

For the league to be as entertaining and engaging as it can be, that drama and suspense need to be restored. The only way that happens is if Tom Brady and the New England Patriots part ways.

So, for the good of the league, Tom—retire.