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This PS5 Leak is the Alleged Final Console Design – But We Don’t Believe It

New alleged leak of the PS5 design suggests Sony will channel the distinctive V-shaped devkit for the final, retail-ready version.

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Thomas Bardwell
June 5, 2020 10:49 AM
  • Ahead of an official reveal, the final PS5 design has allegedly leaked online.
  • It retains the distinctive V shape of the devkit, although scaled down.
  • Sony has promised to offer new details about a rescheduled PS5 event soon.

Earlier this week, reports emerged that the PS5 was entering the final stages of the manufacturing process. The news led us to speculate that Sony would struggle to plug leaks unless it pre-empted by revealing the console.

A few days later and it seems this is already happening. What appears to be a leak of the final, retail-ready PS5 design has emerged online.

Alleged PS5 Design Leak

The design features a slanted top that peaks at the back of the console before dropping down toward the front. The disc drive occupies the center of the front panel accompanied by the Sony and PS5 logos on each side.

Alleged Leak of Final, Retail-Ready PS5 Design Surfaces Online
Alleged PS5 design leak borrows heavily from distinctive V-shaped devkit. Source: Reddit/4chan

The overall look is based on the PS5 dev kit’s distinctive V-shaped design. The PlayStation logo sits inside a V-shaped trench that dominates the center of the top cover. A circular indentation lies just below the V, presumably a power button inspired by the one found on the original PlayStation console.

A patent for the cooling system underpinning the devkit surfaced yesterday, boasting six fans and a massive heat-sink. The final design channels that arrangement, although scaled down to a more aesthetically pleasing whole. Ventilation gaps aren’t distributed as generously as on the devkit. The sides feature horizontal openings to aid air circulation, similar to those found on the PS4.

Alleged Leak of Final, Retail-Ready PS5 Design Surfaces Online
New patent detailing PS5 devkit’s elaborate cooling solution was published yesterday. | Source WIPO

Although the design is smaller than the PS5 devkit, it remains quite a chunky piece of hardware.

Skepticism Recommended

It’s worth noting that the leak comes from a source of questionable repute – 4chan. As such, we suggest approaching this with a generous dose of skepticism.

After the postponement of yesterday’s PS5 showcase, Sony has promised to be in touch with ‘a new date soon,’ implying that we shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out whether this new leak is genuine or not.