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This Kid Destroyed Us for That PewDiePie Roast – And We Love Him for It!

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:30 PM
W. E. Messamore
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:30 PM
  • PewDiePie posted his final video before taking a break from YouTube.
  • After sending Felix off with a roast this week, CCN.com got a lot of responses.
  • This kid’s video was the most savage one of them all.

YouTube’s most popular creator published his last video this week. At least for the time being. PewDiePie says he’s exhausted after years of making content.

So he’s taking a hiatus.

I thought it would be a perfect occasion to roast Pewds with a blistering review of his biggest mistakes on YouTube. That might have been my biggest mistake on CCN.com.

Felix’s Bro Army Attacks

RIP, my inbox, mentions, and DMs! The Bro Army’s response was swift and overwhelming. It was truly humbling to see how much his fans love him.

I wish I cared about anything as much as Pewds’ fans care about Felix. I’ve never seen anything like it. There’s even now a petition on Change.org to “Raid CCN.com HQ.” 

But Ace Stone’s response video  stood out from the rest of the pack. I’m going to have to take an L, and admit he got us pretty good.

Ace very competently landed a lot of punches in his brilliant take-down video.

PewDiePie and The News Media


First, he quotes from the article: “I love PewDiePie. I really do!”

And fires back point-blank:

So why did you write this article?

Fair question! Then Ace makes a great point, one that shows a lot of maturity in a very harsh, unforgiving cancel-culture era:

Everybody has made a mistake, whether it’s on camera or off camera. That was a live stream. He wasn’t filtering it. I think everybody here could say they’ve made a mistake– that if they were that big, CCN.com would make an article on.

And drops this burn:

It’s like every article on your dying news site is just like “PewDiePie SAID THE N– *choke* *sputter*”

He also called us out for pandering to boomers.

All you’re doing is appealing to the old people who think, “iNtErNeT BAD.”

We roasted PewDiePie, but one of his fans roasted CCN.com even better. | Source: PewDiePie/YouTube 

This is where it just gets mean.

Ace then performs an impression of me writing the PewDiePie roast. I almost cried at this part:

“Uh, gamer guy said the F-word in 1992… Uh, gamer guy did something he regretted in 1994… Ga- Gamer guy, I’m so glad he’s gone. I’m actually a fan of him, but I’m so glad he’s turning off the camera. He’s such a bad person.”

It’s pretty brutal stuff.

But one point I have to correct Ace on is when he says giving your own opinion is something that “you shouldn’t be doing on a news site.”

An op-ed , short for “opposite the editorial page,” is a type of column where journalists are encouraged to share their opinions. Op-eds belong in news media because opinions are interesting and get people thinking. It’s okay for news sites to publish opinions – as long as they’re labeled correctly.

Ace, We’d Love to Have You Join CCN.com One Day!

pewdiepie www.ccn.com
Ace, you’ve got a future in opinion journalism! | Source: MSSA/Shutterstock.com

He only has 25 subscribers right now, but someday, Ace might give PewDiePie a run for his money.

He’s got the format down pat, and he’s good at writing the material. But he has so much more potential than being just another YouTuber.

Ace, you could be a great opinion journalist.

I have it on good authority that my boss would love to hire you at CCN.com in a few years. Maybe he’ll even give you my job.