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This Is Why Jerry Jones Might Be About to Blow up the Cowboys

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:18 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:18 PM
  • After the Cowboys lost to the Patriots, team owner Jerry Jones tore into the Dallas coaching staff.
  • A mistake-filled loss to the Buffalo Bills certainly didn’t help, but Jones almost seemed supportive of head coach Jason Garrett after the game.
  • Could his cryptic remark about Dak Prescott’s contract mean he is thinking about doing more than switching out the coaching staff?

For much of the last week, the talk surrounding the Dallas Cowboys has focused on Jerry Jones criticizing the coaching staff.

As the week went on, it sounded like the end could be near for Jason Garrett. But Jones promised he would not fire Garrett during the season, and he restated that position following Thursday’s embarrassing loss to the Buffalo Bills.

But as football fans know all too well, promises like that are often the kiss of death. Once job security appears promised, coaches don’t tend to remain employed for long. With the Cowboys’ rumored interes t in Urban Meyer or Josh McDaniels, that could certainly be the case for Garrett.

But, then again, nothing cures all quite like a winning streak. With a game on Thanksgiving, Garrett didn’t have long to wait to get that much-needed victory.

Cowboys Record Another Mistake Filled Loss

dak prescott, dallas cowboys
Dak Prescott’s struggles against top-tier defenses raise questions about his long-term future with the Cowboys. | Source: AP Photo/Butch Dill

The Buffalo Bills were going to have something to say about that, of course, and they did. After the Cowboys cruised to an early 7-0 lead, everything fell apart for Dallas. They lost 26-15.

Quarterback Dak Prescott had turnover issues again. Several Cowboys players committed stupid, undisciplined penalties that kept Bills drives alive. The defense couldn’t get off the field and made Josh Allen look like an All-Pro. For some inexplicable reason, the offense went through a good chunk of the second half without giving Ezekiel Elliot the ball.

It was a frustrating game with too many coaching miscues and sloppy play. At one point, Jones seemed so frustrated he appeared to say “fire him” to whoever was standing next to him.

So – will he?

Jerry Jones: Now Is Not The Time

Fans may have hoped Jones was so frustrated he would pull the plug Thursday night. But Jones made it clear he was not going to do that.

He even said he has Garrett’s back:

As disappointing as that may be for some fans, Jones also gave fans hope. He didn’t say Garrett’s job was safe. He said that now is not the time, and he is 100% right.

Despite the loss, the 6-6 Cowboys still have the edge on the Eagles for the NFC East crown. When your team has the inside track on the playoffs, you don’t fire the head coach. Since the Eagles are struggling – and the Redskins and Giants are terrible – Dallas is still in good shape for the playoffs.

Rumor has it that the Cowboys need to win it all  for Garrett to save his job. So, maybe Jones wants to play things out before making a decision. But the question isn’t just if Garrett is going to get fired.

Is there a chance Jones blows up the entire team?

Could Dak Prescott Follow Garrett Out the Door?

With all his recent commentary, it definitely sounds as if Jones is prepared to let Garrett walk. But it also seems like he might be done with Dak Prescott too.

When asked about Prescott’s contract Jones had this to say:

It could be a meaningless comment. But it could also mean that he is not sure if Dak is the right man to lead his team. While Prescott tears up the soft competition, he seems to struggle when facing tougher teams.

If Dak can’t win enough games, why pay him a boatload of money?

Of course, when you blow things up, you risk taking 12 steps backward and having to work your way back to where you are now. But will Jones want to pay top-flight money for the results he is getting now? Or will he prefer starting from scratch and saving some money?

Knowing Jerry Jones, he’ll do whatever is best for business.