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This Halo Infinite Leak Is Freaking Epic – But Can We Take It Seriously?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:56 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:56 PM
  • Halo Infinite is expected to be an Xbox Series X launch title.
  • A massive leak dropped on Reddit, and the details sound nothing short of amazing.
  • If these leaks are to be believed, we’re in for a hell of a time.

While Microsoft has been incredibly forthcoming with details about the Xbox Series X, it has been a bit more tight-lipped about one of the console’s presumed launch titles: Halo Infinite.

In the absence of concrete information, gamers turn to rumors and leaks to fill the void. And boy, have there ever been some exciting leaks about Master Chief’s next adventure .

Will Halo Infinite Be an Open-World Adventure?

halo infinite leaks, xbox series x
Should we brace ourselves for open-world Halo gameplay? | Source: Xbox 

According to Reddit leaker TestTrak, Halo Infinite is going to be an open-world shooter. Amongst other details, the user – whose claims have not been verified – said the game would feature four large open-world segments  and a vehicle-based menu.

If these leaks can be believed – which, let’s face it, remains a pretty big if –  Halo Infinite promises to deliver the freshest take on the Halo universe we’ve seen in a long time.

Halo Infinite leak
The leaks went into some extensive details about the state of the game, as well as the situation at 343 Industries. | Source: Reddit 

But can we take these leaks seriously? The simple truth is we just don’t know.

But here’s the good news: They sound like logical next steps for the Halo franchise. Since 2018, people have speculated that Halo Infinite was going to be an open-world game . So this detail wouldn’t represent a completely unexpected pivot for the series.

And the other details in the leak seem to fit with what we already know about the game. The inclusion of side-quests, the return of gun attachments, and even random encounters in the full open world all sound plausible.

So do the details about Halo Infinite’s campaign, which tease an experience quite reminiscent of what we saw in Gears 5. That’s great news if you were a fan of the direction Gears 5 took. Not so much if you weren’t.

As Always, Take Leaks Like This With a Pinch of Salt

Alongside gameplay details, the Halo Infinite leaks delve into the environment at developer 343 Industries . Morale is high even though everyone is working at home, and it doesn’t appear that lockdown disruptions will prevent the game from releasing in tandem with the Xbox Series X.

Let’s hope all of that is true, but let’s also remember not to get too excited over leaks like this. We must temper our expectations with a heaping dose of reality.

Like most leaks, this poster is anonymous. And for every leak that turns out to be true, there are plenty more that Reddit and 4Chan trolls spin out of thin air.

When Halo Infinite launches at the end of the year, we could discover that all of these tantalizing details are true. Or we could find that this was nothing more than a bored individual trying to pass the time.

At least it makes for an interesting read.

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