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Tacko Fall Missed His NBA Debut Because a Ceiling Attacked Him

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:13 PM
Josiah Wilmoth
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:13 PM

Securing a spot on an NBA roster as an undrafted free agent is challenging enough for any first-year player, but just one game into the season, Boston Celtics rookie/human skyscraper Tacko Fall’s quest for superstardom has already crashed into a wall. Or, more accurately, a ceiling.

Perhaps threatened by his Goliathan stature, a ceiling reportedly launched a sneak attack on the 7-foot-5 Fall  last week, forcing him into concussion protocol, and dashing hopes that he would make his NBA debut against the Philadelphia 76ers last night.

But this wasn’t just any ceiling.

Human Skyscraper Tacko Fall Threatens NBA’s Ceilings

tacko fall height
The NBA’s ceilings are colluding against Tacko Fall. | Source: Ethan Miller / Getty Images / AFP

Fall told MassLive that he bonked his noggin on a “low ceiling” in the Auerbach Center , the practice facility the Celtics opened in 2018. Given that this building was built to be used by professional basketball players, it’s safe to assume that it was designed to accommodate the trenta-sized  humans who dominate most NBA rosters.

But Fall is the tallest human in a sport filled with freakishly-tall humans, and, apparently, the league’s ceilings are concerned he’ll leave them out of a job.

Celtics Rookie ‘Very Close’ to Returning from Ceiling Attack

Celtics coach Brad Stevens claims Fall wouldn’t have been active for the 76ers game anyway, but there’s no way Boston keeps this fan-favorite on the sidelines:


Luckily, fans shouldn’t have to wait for long. Stevens said Fall – who is on a two-way contract that allows him to play up to 45 days  with the Celtics – is “very close” to making his return.

But as Fall fights to prove that he’s worthy of a full NBA deal, he’ll also have to fend off attacks from ceilings in the league’s other 29 arenas – not to mention the ones he’ll encounter in the G-League.