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Steam Leak: Defiant Devs Expose 2019 Holiday Sale Secrets

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:11 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:11 PM

If you missed out on picking up the year’s hottest video games at heavily discounted prices, fret not, because the dates for the next three 2019 Steam holiday sale sales events have leaked.

Leak Spills the Beans on 2019 Holiday Sales

As usual, Valve communicated the dates ahead of time to developers, but despite the company’s best efforts, they’ve made their way onto the internet via slip-ups and not-so-accidental leaks.

The definitive compiler of all things related to Valve’s digital storefront, Steam DB, shared the news via Twitter . The next three months are set to be nothing short of one long sale with only the slightest reprieve in between.

Dates for Next Three Steam Sales Events Leaked by Developers
Here are the leaked dates for Steam’s next three 2019 holiday sales. | Source: Twitter

1. Steam Halloween Sale

First up, we have the Steam Halloween Sale, slated to start next week on Oct. 28 and continue until Nov. 1. Going by previous years, expect the discounts to focus on the horror genre and titles with a darker, spooky aesthetic. It’s short by Steam’s standards, so be on your guard to grab the games you want.

2. Steam Autumn Sale

The Autumn Sale follows a few weeks later, starting on Nov. 26 and then running for a week up to Dec. 3. Steam usually offers a pretty broad scope of discounts.

3. Steam Winter Sale

We then round off the year with the fortnight-long Steam Winter Sale. It kickstarts just in time for Christmas on Dec. 19 before ending on Jan. 2. The Winter Sale is arguably the biggest one of the year. Price drops are felt across the board from big-name AAA releases to obscure indies and everything in between. It’s an ideal time to stack that backlog for the year ahead and whittle away those short winter days.

If you’ve been holding out for massive discounts on titles released earlier this year, it’s highly likely they’ll feature in one of the three sales. After the Winter Sale, Steam doesn’t usually run an event until well into spring, and we’d recommend getting in on the discounts as a precautionary measure.

As for what format or novel gimmick Steam will employ to promote the events, we’ll have to wait and see, but here’s hoping its a step up from the confusion caused  by this summer’s sketchy Grand Prix sale.