The PlayStation exclusive still looks a long way from being released. | Source: Ghost of Tsushima/Sucker Punch Productions

Earlier today, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced its lineup of titles set to take center stage at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, which starts next week. Among expected games such as Kojima’s Death Stranding and reboot of 90’s classic MediEvil, is Sucker Punch Productions’ highly-anticipated feudal Japan-set open-world action-adventure Ghost of Tsushima.

The official blurb published on Sony’s Japanese PlayStation Blog portal noted that the Japanese gaming giant would showcase a Ghost of Tsushima trailer.

Fresh nuggets about Sucker Punch’s latest effort are hard to come by, the most recent dating back to the well-received gameplay debut trailer at E3 2018. The news of a brand new trailer had fans chomping at the bit.

A Ghost of Tsushima Trailer, Yes, But An Old One

Sadly, shortly after the announcement went public, Sucker Punch communications manager, Andrew Goldfarb, provided one downer of response to a Twitter user sleuthing for further details.

Onlookers were quick to express their dismay, while others took a resolutely more positive approach to the news, despite the palpable disappointment at missing out on new Ghost of Tsushima content.

Western developers have been known to re-release Japanese-dubbed trailers at the Tokyo Game Show to share their wares with Japanese audiences, but not an 18-month old one. This makes Sony’s decision all the more confusing.

Straining to understand Sony’s odd logic, it seems the company is trying to keep Ghost of Tsushima at the forefront of the gaming psyche. Surely a new trailer would have a farther-reaching impact, not to say the racket it would cause in the gaming press, and gaming haunts like Reddit and various forums.

Although it’s a stretch to say Sony is killing the hype surrounding Ghost of Tsushima, the move sure takes the wind out of its sails.

PlayStation 4 Exclusive or PlayStation 5 Launch Title?

Sony Teases With Ghost of Tsushima TGS Slot
Source: Ghost of Tsushima/Sucker Punch Productions

Additionally, with the PlayStation 5 speculatively expected by the end of next year, it looks increasingly like Ghost of Tsushima will feature among Sony’s lineup of launch titles. That is unless it plans to crank up the marketing furnaces once Death Stranding releases in November with a mid-2020 launch in mind.

If we take the promotion to release cycle of Death Stranding, the most recent PlayStation exclusive, Sony may be moving towards a much shorter gap between release date announcement and actual release to curb the interminable hype-cycles that have characterized previous exclusives.

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