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New PS5 Leak Reveals Total Usable Storage – And It’s Embarrassing

Last Updated October 4, 2020 10:33 AM
William Worrall
Last Updated October 4, 2020 10:33 AM
  • The alleged hard drive size of the PS5 has been leaked by users on ResetEra.
  • If the leak is true, the next-gen system will only feature 664 GB of free space.
  • Considering how large games can be these days, this space is frankly embarrassing for Sony.

Disk space is one of the biggest challenges facing the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

With games growing in size, having a decent amount of hard drive space is extremely important.

Users on ResetEra recently leaked the fact that the PS5 will only have 664 GB of free space .

Some current-gen games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare are approaching 300 GB. That means that you may be limited to as few as 2 games.

Sony has a problem on their hands with hard disk space this pathetic.

PS5 - Fan Reaction
Fans on Twitter are already discussing the issue with small hard drive space, not to mention the potential problems with scalpers buying up supply again. | Source: Twitter 

The PS5 is Going To Need Upgrading

When a new generation arrives, it normally means a jump in the size of games. Back in the PS1 era, a video game could only be around 700mb per disc. By the PS2 era, that had become 4.7 GB per disc. When consoles started shipping with Hard Drive space by default, these sizes jumped up even further than the limits of Blu-ray.

It’s not insane to expect those sizes to keep on climbing with the PS5. Despite this expected increase in size, the jump in hard drive space is minimal at best. When the PS4 launched you could get about 400 GB of space out of a 500GB hard drive.

That means that we’re only effectively getting an increase of 200 GB on the PS5 which isn’t enough. Not to mention the switch to SSDs will make buying an upgrade even more expensive.

You can take a look at some of the concerns about the terrible hard drive space in the video below.


Sony Had Better Pull Some Technically Wizardry

This situation is completely on Sony. It smacks of the PS5 having to compromise on next-gen technology while keeping costs as low as possible. Despite previous generations devolving into a battle of the loss leaders , the PS4 was sold at a profit from day one and Sony probably wants to keep up that trend if possible.

Unless Sony has some very interest compression systems in place then the next-gen bloat is going to start becoming a problem. Is anyone going to be happy with such a small amount of free space to install their games?

What are we supposed to do next time a game like Call of Duty Modern Warfare comes along? I suppose to answer is to pay out a bunch of money for a Sony-approved SSD. I’m starting to get flashbacks to the old proprietary memory days of the PSP and Vita. Sony has a short memory.