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Elon Musk April Fools’ Prank Targets Disney “Woke” Culture

Published April 1, 2024 2:21 PM
Samantha Dunn
Published April 1, 2024 2:21 PM
By Samantha Dunn
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Key Takeaways
  • Each year Elon Musk uses April Fool’s Day to share outlandish posts on Twitter.
  • The Tesla CEO’s recent post targets Disney’s “woke” politics.
  • Disney admits in a financial filing that its alignment with public and consumer tastes is crucial for success
  • The entertainment giant faces challenges, shown by the delayed of its Snow White remake and recent financial losses.

Elon Musk, known for his sometimes controversial Twitter antics, once again made headlines this April Fool’s Day.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO shared his excitement about an imaginary role at Disney, and his eagerness to amplify the company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts alongside Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy. This jab at Disney’s DEI initiatives comes during ongoing debates over Disney’s political stances and content direction.

Musk’s Jocular Jab at Disney’s Politics

Elon Musk often uses the phrase “woke mind virus” to refer to left-leaning or so-called “woke” thinking. Often taking to social media to share his thoughts in a public forum, Musk recently tweeted  that the “woke mind virus is killing Western Civilization”.

The billionaire tech mogul’s Tweet called out Disney’s politics. He said: “Can’t wait to work with Bob Iger & Kathleen Kennedy to make their content MORE woke!”

Elon Musk’s followers, quick to claim that this was a joke, replied with their versions of what Disney’s news branding might look like.

Content Controversies and Corporate Strategy

Beneath the light-hearted appearance of Elon Musk’s tweet, the tech mogul touched on a contentious issue for Disney. The company has faced public backlash over both its content and political stances. The Snow White remake’s delay, coupled with its star’s controversial comments, underscores the challenges Disney faces in navigating cultural sensitivities.

Disney’s Snow White controversy explained 
byu/rex-ac  inTikTokCringe 

In 2023, Disney delayed the release of its $330 million Snow White reboot by a year after star Rachel Zegler sparked fury with a rant against the 1937 original and vowed that the remake would be more progressive. The media company provided a new release date  of March 2025, claiming the delay was due to the writer’s strike.

Disney’s Financial Filing Reveals Concerns

In a recent public financial document , Disney highlighted the importance of aligning its products and political views with consumer preferences. The entertainment titan has felt the financial pinch, with a staggering $1 billion loss on recent film ventures. This acknowledgment comes as Disney strives to recalibrate its content strategy, facing criticisms over its “woke” narrative approaches in films and other media.

CEO Bob Iger’s commitment to refocusing on universally appealing content reflects a strategic pivot that appears to reflect a reassessment of their “progressive” strategy.

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