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PS5 ‘Leak’ Claims to Reveal an Uncensored Look at the User Interface

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:33 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:33 PM
  • The latest alleged PlayStation 5 (PS5) leak claims to show the console’s user interface.
  • If genuine, it’s our most detailed look at Sony’s new console yet.
  • But it’s impossible to verify the authenticity of the image.

As the PlayStation 5 launch date approaches, rumors about the new console will spread like wildfire. The latest PS5 “leak” claims to give us our first look at the device’s user interface.

Before reading any further, arm yourself with a few grains of salt.

PlayStation 5 Leak: Could This Be the Genuine UI?

A contributor named “John Titor” uploaded the image to the Slashleaks platform yesterday . In an accompanying description, he claims this is a photo of the PlayStation 5 user interface. He expects it to be the final version.

Latest Leak Claims to Show Genuine PlayStation 5 User Interface
A new PS5 “leak” claims this will be the console’s user interface design. | Source: Slashleaks 

The image, snapped presumably using a smartphone, doesn’t raise any immediate red flags.

The apps are what you’d expect from a PlayStation 5 console. The PlayStation Store, PlayStation Now, Internet Browser, and Capture Gallery icons will be familiar to anyone accustomed to using a PlayStation 4.

There are no glaring problems with their graphics or alignment. The same applies to text placement.

Why We’re Skeptical About This PS5 Leak

ps5 leak
We have a few concerns about this PlayStation 5 “leak.” | Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP

The simple UI design does raise concerns, though.

Someone with modest graphic design skills could recreate the user interface as it appears in the leak. The PlayStation design team is accustomed to keeping the UI of each successive console simple, which makes ascertaining whether the PS5 leak is legitimate all the more difficult.

The garish turquoise wave below the app icons deviates from what we’d expect from the PlayStation brand’s established color scheme. Dodgy contrast settings on the device taking the photo may explain this, though. If the UI is genuine, we imagine the colors aren’t as bright on a screen displaying rendered footage directly from a PlayStation 5 console.

Bear in mind that an elaborate PlayStation 5 hoax popped up last weekend. A YouTuber cooked up a relatively convincing video showing what appeared to be the PlayStation 5 boot-up sequence alongside the console itself. A second video exposed the footage as fake and detailed the work required to pull it off.

So we’ll let you decide whether this new PS5 leak is legitimate or not.