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PS5 Games Reveal Officially Confirms Sony’s Next-Gen Party Event

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:52 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:52 PM
  • An advertisement suggests the next issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK will ‘reveal the latest games coming to PlayStation 5.’
  • The news seems to align with rumors that Sony is planning a PlayStation 5 event next month.
  • OPM has a sketchy track record when it comes to revealing exclusive game details.

The Official PlayStation Magazine UK (OPM) has offered one of the clearest indications yet that Sony is gearing up for a PlayStation 5 reveal in May.

Likelihood of May PlayStation 5 Event Gathers Steam

An advertisement found in the digital version of the latest OPM suggests the magazine’s next issue will hone in on the games coming to PlayStation 5. The ad found its way onto Reddit  before spreading on social media.

The advertisement reads:

It’s coming. The next-gen starts next issue as we reveal the latest games coming to PlayStation 5, and how they’ll play.

May PlayStation 5 Event Is Looking Increasingly Likely
Source: OPM

Sony handing such a big scoop to a magazine in this day and age seems unlikely, which naturally leads to speculation that we’ll hear much more from Sony before the next OPM goes on sale on June 2.

Rumors of a May reveal event have circulated far and wide courtesy of sources speaking to outlet Video Game Chronicle, which reported as much. Sony has yet to announce anything officially, but OPM’s next issue seems to back up the likelihood of a May reveal event.

A Sketchy Track Record

It’s worth noting that OPM doesn’t have a flawless track record, though, which raises concerns as to the credibility of their claim.

Most recently, OPM was caught publicly recycling content in its March and May 2020 issues. Two articles covering Ghost of Tsushima claimed to provide brand new exclusive information, notably relating to way-points. It surfaced soon afterward that OPM had extracted ‘inaccuracies’ from two-year-old interviews, official blog posts, and trailers.

OPM offered an apology of sorts  and was quick to distance itself from both Sony and Ghost of Tsushima developer, Sucker Punch Productions.

Source: Twitter 

A pinch of salt would do well to help manage expectations ahead of the official word from Sony.