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Prince Harry Calls Sick Kids in Desperate Attempt to Prove He’s ‘Normal’

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
Kate Prince
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
  • Prince Harry has been busy calling families in a bid to cheer them up.
  • This glimpse into his “challenging” LA life shows a man desperate to be perceived as “normal”.
  • He’s trying to lift his spirits, forget about everyone else.

Prince Harry has jumped on the celebrity bandwagon to offer a glimmer of hope to families caring for seriously sick children during the coronavirus pandemic. Not really, it’s just a video call . This comes just a day after one of Harry’s friends let it slip to the press that he was finding his new life in LA “challenging.” 

Prince Harry fans react to reports that he's finding life in LA challenging
Prince Harry fans react to reports he’s finding life in LA challenging, but what’s the truth? | Source: Twitter 

While supporting families that are going through the wringer is a noble cause, I can’t help but feel that Harry is trying to hide behind a facade to distract us from his unhappiness. After all, this is a man that is supposedly trying to evade the public spotlight, but day after day, there’s a public display that courts attention. Now, it looks like the mask has finally slipped.

Prince Harry Needs To Take A Look In The Mirror

Going by what we know, Prince Harry is struggling to carve out a life for himself stateside. After being Britain’s boy for so long, Harry has thrown himself out of the frying pan and into the fire. When talking to the families via video link, Harry was quick to try and keep up appearances, but it came across as crass and insensitive:

There are a hell of a lot of positives happening. Being able to have family time – so I feel guilty. But you have got to celebrate those moments when you are just rolling around on the floor in hysterics.

Prince Harry tells families of sick kids he feels guilty enjoying himself
Prince Harry speaks to families of sick children during coronavirus pandemic | Source: Instagram 

Did the Duke suddenly forget his audience? Did he not realize he was talking to families desperately trying to shield their beloved children from catching a deadly virus? For a man that is usually very poised and attentive, this massive clanger is the giveaway.

Harry will do anything to be perceived as “normal”. Perhaps he’s been sipping a little too much of LA’s CBD-infused green juices, or has he finally cracked under pressure?

Harry has left the royal family in his rearview mirror, but he’s also left his senses. Pre-Meghan Harry would’ve never have boasted about how much fun he’s having during a global pandemic that has killed over 135,000 people. He certainly wouldn’t have done so when talking to families of highly-vulnerable kids.

Prince Harry twitter reaction
Prince Harry is losing fans by the minute, despite his best efforts | Source: Twitter 

If this were Donald Trump, the entire world would be in disgusted shock. Because it’s Harry, we excuse his blatant inability to read a room, and send him on his way. But, those days are numbered. He is no longer Britain’s golden boy.

Come on, Harry. This isn’t like you. Wake up and smell the java. You might finally realize that tea wasn’t so bad after all.

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