President of Bitcoin-Supporting State Liberland Heading Out on Diplomatic Mission

Liberland's President Vít Jedlička is heading out on a diplomatic mission this week to speak with neighboring countries in an effort to increase legitimacy and build rapport. From an official press release released by his office:

... April 27th 2015 in 09:00 AM, President of Liberland Vít Jedlička shall visit Croatia Embassy in Prague (V Průhledu 9, 162 00 Prague 6). He shall present an diplomatic note, officially announcing formation of the new neighboring state, the Free Republic of Liberland, to the Republic of Croatia. In the note, the President also announces sincere intent of the Free Republic of Liberland to respect the international law and wish to have friendly relations with all members of the
international community.

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Diplomatic Purposes

The document goes on to outline the itinerary of his travels: Monday, Croatia then Austria. Tuesday, back to Croatia to talk to applicants for Liberland citizenship. Wednesday, same thing and more in Belgrade, Serbia.

Developing relations with neighboring countries is very important for any new country that wants its boundaries respected and its citizens rights upheld when abroad. The self-styled president of Liberland is making all the moves requisite to gain later membership in the United Nations, although population and economics will be of paramount importance.

Liberland is a mere seven square kilometers, a fraction of the size of also-tiny Hong Kong across the globe. It is not the first attempt to create a small country out of unclaimed or reclaimed land. The tiny nation of Neutral Moresnet (today the Belgian city of Kelmis) was half Liberland's size and held its own for several years. Similarly, Rose Island was a micro nation which adopted Esperanto as its official language and lasted less than a year. Liberland's official languages are English and Czech, indicating that the country intends a great deal of engagement with English-speaking countries such as the United States and Britain.

CCN will continue to follow the developments of Liberland as it develops into a robust micro nation, potentially gaining recognition from established states and championing the cause of cryptocurrencies in the international community.

P. H. Madore @bitillionaire

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