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Popular Twitch Streamer Falls Asleep On-Stream to Earn $5,500

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:38 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:38 PM
  • Popular Twitch streamer Mizkif streamed himself sleeping earlier this week.
  • He earned over $5.5k from media share donations and subscriptions.
  • Mizkif donated the majority of his earnings to a fellow streamer and gifted a Nintendo Switch to a viewer.

Anyone that’s spent any considerable amount of time on Amazon’s Twitch streaming platform is acutely aware that streamers excel at finding unusual ways to make a living.

Whether it be playing video games for hours on end, offering political commentary, or taking viewers on adventures IRL, there’s no shortage of examples.

One streamer has revealed just how lucrative the simple act of sleeping can be on Twitch. Popular streamer Mizkif earned over $5,500 in the space of about six hours  earlier this week while he got some kip.

Settling In For The Night

After piecing together a makeshift bed on a couch close to his streaming setup, Mizkif dimmed the lights and settled in for the night.

While he slept, Mizkif had media share enabled. Media share allows viewers to donate money to play video of their choice stream. In Mizkif’s case, the audio from the videos was beamed straight into his headphones. Part of the appeal for viewers was trying to disrupt the streamer’s slumber with obnoxiously loud and jarring clips.

Upon rising from a very fraught sleep due to a steady barrage of ear-splitting videos ranging from music videos to TV show clips by way of memes, the streamer revealed to viewers just how much he had made.

Twitch Streamer Banks $5.5k While Sleeping

With media share enabled and counting subscriptions, Mizkif pulled in a staggering $5,594.62.

Twitch Streamer Earns Over $5,500 While Sleeping
Source: Twitch

Upon sharing his earnings for the night with viewers, the streamer said;

Just to show how dumb it is to be a streamer. $5,500 in donations. Literally sleeping. I literally slept and made $5,500 doing nothing.

Instead of pocketing the cash, Mizkif opted to use it for good and donate it to a fellow streamer, while saving a portion to gift a Nintendo Switch to a viewer. As he explains;

You guys earned it. I mean, I literally did nothing today, and I fell asleep. I like giving back to you guys.

It’s worth noting that Mizkif is among the more popular streamers on Twitch. His notoriety unquestionably worked in his favor and fueled much of the revenue obtained during his on-stream sleep. A small streamer pulling off a similar stunt wouldn’t have ended the day with such a significant sum of money.

Nevertheless, Mizkif’s experiment proves that Twitch remains a weird and wonderful place with an audience for pretty much any activity.