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PewDiePie ‘Rants’ About Millionaires – And Weirdly, It Won’t Make You Cringe

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:50 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:50 PM
  • PewDiePie is one of the most successful YouTubers ever.
  • In a recent video, he discusses wealth – and how much of his own success is “pure luck.”
  • His nuanced take on the wealth debate is actually pretty refreshing.

It’s easy to assume that being rich makes people happy, and to a certain degree, it’s true . But as a new video from PewDiePie highlights, that’s not necessarily the case.

The YouTube star talked about his own relationship with wealth in unexpected detail, and unlike the stereotypical “self-made millionaire rants about wealth” video, he made some decidedly un-cringeworthy points.

PewDiePie Makes Some Refreshing Points About Wealth

In his latest video, PewDiePie talks about the assumptions people make about him based on his wealth . People often think that having money must mean that he doesn’t have any problems anymore. Others criticize him for the mere fact that he’s rich.

Obviously, up to a certain point, the lack of sympathy for someone with lots of money is understandable. Especially at a time when so many people are struggling financially. But I don’t think that PewDiePie is trying to claim that being rich is harder than being poor.

While it’s true that wealth can help, it’s not just going to automatically sort out all of your problems. And it’s not a good idea to go around thinking that it will. Because you’ll only be disappointed if you ever do “make it.”

The Secret to Success: Pure Luck

Unlike most rich people, PewDiePie seems reluctant to actually show off his expensive purchases. | Source: YouTube 

There’s more nuance to what PewDiePie was saying in the video beyond the point about money not solving all of your issues. He went on to actually explain the price his own wealth and success have come with – as well as the difficulty in getting there.

When most so-called “self-made” millionaires talk, they tend to go on and on about all the hard work they put in. While it’s certainly true that hard work is necessary to succeed, for most people there’s an element of luck, and that’s honestly not something that enough people are willing to admit.

As PewDiePie said:

If I started YouTube now, would I have been as successful? No, I don’t think so. Obviously, you still have to put in the hours… But rich people love to sell this idea [that they’re rich because of their lifestyle, not luck] to people so they can feel like they have some sort of control over their life.

He’s one of the few wealthy people out there who is upfront about how much luck went into his own success.

It’s a refreshing admission.

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