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Madden Finally Fixes Disrespectful Patrick Mahomes Rating

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:04 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:04 PM

There is no denying it. The Kansas City Chiefs have a pretty incredible quarterback in Patrick Mahomes. With how easily he lit up secondaries during his first year as a starter in the NFL, a case could be made that he is the perfect quarterback for today’s game. However, the good folks over at EA Sports didn’t seem to think so.

When they released the latest edition of the very popular video game, Madden NFL 20, back in August, his rating was not perfect.

Madden Fixes Disrespectful Mahomes Rating

Perhaps the creators of Madden were underwhelmed by his 2018 statistics. He only completed 66 percent of his passes for over 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns. Come on! If anyone deserves a perfect rating, it’s a guy with numbers like those.

To be fair, they did think enough of him to put him on the cover, and it’s not like they gave him some pedestrian rating. A 97 rating (out of 99) is still pretty darn good.

As it turns out, they just needed a little more convincing. But after watching Mahomes complete 71.9 percent of his throws for almost 1,200 yards and 10 touchdowns (with no interceptions) in the first three games, they decided to correct their oversight.

What took them so long? Well, they probably wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be a sophomore slump (as is often the case for quarterbacks in their second seasons as starters). Defenses always seem to figure something out about quarterbacks heading into their second years—but not Mahomes.

It is doubtful that one thing crossed their minds and caused them to hold off on the perfect rating. But they might have wanted to make sure the dreaded “Madden Curse ” didn’t strike (so far, so good– because it doesn’t exist, of course ).

Chiefs QB Sets Another Record

With the bump up to 99, Mahomes now holds the record for reaching that mark in the fewest games (20; Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt was the previous record-holder).

Patrick Mahomes  is now one of five players to have a 99 rating on Madden. The other four are Aaron Donald, Deandre Hopkins, Khalil Mack, and Bobby Wagner.