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Op-Ed: Is Mike Tyson’s Bitcoin ATM Fictional?

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM
P. H. Madore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM

Recent reports  in the mainstream technology press are worried that Mike Tyson’s Bitcoin ATM may never come to exist. They base their fears on what they cite to be the backgrounds of some of the people apparently involved in the project.

While their fears could be true in theory, we have to ask ourselves why the companies in question would bother with a big name like Mike Tyson if they were just trying to scam people. It would seem less than worth their time to hire Tyson to help them promote the Bitcoin ATM.

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Regardless if the operators have a bad history, it’s simply not in their interest to work against the flow here. They’ll want to create a seamless Bitcoin transaction for users in Las Vegas, and anywhere else they open up. The community is small enough that a simple transaction gone wrong would cause a serious impact for any company.

We cannot let the observations of the mainstream media go unnoticed, either. We must address these concerns one by one. For starters, are any of the people involved in this project known scammers? If so, what is the result of their previous scams? Have they been forgiven, has it been worked out? These would be important questions to ask if such accusations had even a modicum of truth to them.

This goes for any company in our space. We are not a haven for scammers. Not a “place to start over.” Too often, they simply scam anew. The truly dedicated scammers have found their way to Bitcoin before and run operations like GAW Miners. We cannot let such things happen again. We must question each other and ourselves about motivations whenever necessary.

So while I do not believe that the Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM will be fictional, I also don’t like that there are scam connotations surrounding those who’ve built it. This should be looked into.