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Satoshi Nakamoto Email Timestamps —Bitcoin Founder’s Digital Presence Explained

Last Updated March 6, 2024 5:17 PM
Shraddha Sharma
Last Updated March 6, 2024 5:17 PM

Key Takeaways

  • Analysis of Satoshi Nakamoto’s emails with early Bitcoin developer Martti Malmi reveals insights into Bitcoin’s ‘startup-like’ beginnings.
  • Evidence suggests Satoshi operated alone from the US, not as a group.
  • The ongoing COPA vs. Craig Wright lawsuit continues trial in March 2024 after settlement was off the table. 

New revelations about the elusive Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, have emerged from an email analysis. It shed light on his operational patterns and potential whereabouts during Bitcoin’s early development. The analysis comes due to the legal dispute around the true identity of Bitcoin’s founder.

On March 1, Wright answered a line of questions against evidence tempering raised by COPA.

Bitcoin Creator Details Emerge

The email  exchange between Satoshi Nakamoto and Martti Malmi, a key developer in the early Bitcoin project, revolve around feature development, user interface, and strategies to increase daily user engagement, revealing the project’s nascent stage and search for a solid use case.

The analysis of 260 messages submitted in the COPA vs. CSW court case indicates that Satoshi likely began Bitcoin development in January 2008 and was probably based in the US, masquerading as operating from the UK.


The use of Anglicisms alongside American slang, and system time settings, were part of a strategy to obscure his true location. Satoshi’s departure in 2011 is in the background of the recent legal disputes between Craig Wright and Bitcoin community members who disagree with the claim that Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto

Details From the Lawsuits

The legal disputes have seen Craig Wright defend his claim to being Satoshi Nakamoto amid defamation lawsuits against the community who disgreed. The 2024 COPA vs. CSW court case intellectual property litigation alleges fabricated evidence by Wright to support his claim.

Wright’s legal team, led by his counsel, is contending with allegations that the documents they submitted, which include a series of emails between Wright and his former solicitors from Ontier LLP, were potentially doctored. Jonathan Hough, representing COPA, has highlighted discrepancies in the timestamps and content of these emails, suggesting another attempt at deception by Wright.

The court case started after Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) members rejected a settlement offer from Wright as a ‘hard pass.’

Wright’s cross-examination and the scrutiny over alleged backdated financial documents have got digital forensics experts involved. Wright’s credibility suffered a blow when the UK Supreme Court denied his final appeal in a defamation case against cryptocurrency podcast host Peter McCormack.

Meanwhile, the COPA case outcome could have significant implications for Bitcoin, particularly regarding copyright claims on the asset. Recent court sessions have involved intense examination of evidence, with Patrick Madden, COPA’s expert witness, presenting a new report on the contentious emails.

 As the trial draws to a close, final arguments are being made about Wright’s alleged fakery in Ontier LLP emails.

Who is the Creator?

The email analysis has narrowed down the operational details of Bitcoin’s mysterious founder, suggesting Satoshi Nakamoto was the sole actor based in the US.

 The outcome of the COPA legal battle, which is scheduled to close in mid-March 2024, will have far-reaching consequences for the Bitcoin community. It will possibly give more insights about its creator if not revealing the identity altogether.

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