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WAX Signs Amazon Deal—Can This Provide Breakthrough for Veteran Chain?

Published March 27, 2024 1:40 PM
Shraddha Sharma
Published March 27, 2024 1:40 PM
By Shraddha Sharma
Verified by Peter Henn

Key Takeaways

  • Gaming and NFT blockchain WAX has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • The collaboration aims to enhance the accessibility of Web3 tools for developers.
  • In the past, mainstream brands like Nike and Fenty Beauty partnered with decentralized platforms.

WAX, formerly called Worldwide Asset Exchange, has sealed a deal with tech giant Amazon’s Web Services (AWS). This partnership aims to open doors for developers to integrate Web3 functions that could add to the gaming and NFT experiences. In the past, global brands like Nike and Fenty ventured into Web3 partnerships to add virtual experiences to consumer culture.

WAX Web3 Integration on AWS

The collaboration between Amazon Web Services and the WAX blockchain aims to use the web3 network in the Amazon Managed Blockchain service. Through this, developers will gain access to Web3 tools, enabling the creation of decentralized applications and digital asset marketplaces.

The partnership will deploy  WAX blockchain nodes on AWS. The nodes serve as the backbone for gaming applications, providing the infrastructure needed to facilitate transactions and manage digital assets. With two configurations available – API nodes and Ship nodes – developers should be able to tailor their solutions to specific requirements.

The deployment of WAX blockchain nodes on AWS is made possible through the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK). As per the company blog post, the framework simplifies cloud development by allowing developers to define infrastructure as code. Whether deploying API nodes for transaction management or Ship nodes for historical data analysis, developers can rely on the AWS CDK to automate and standardize their workflows.

Entry of Big Brands in Web3

As per DappRadar  data, WAX is the 10th largest chain. It managed a positive performance in March with a 4% increase in unique active addresses, 141 million transactions, and a 150% increase in dapp volume with two new application additions. It remains to be seen how the partnership will further benefit WAX. 

WAX Volume & UAW | Source: DappRadar
WAX Volume & UAW | Source: DappRadar

Meanwhile, several major brands ranging from fashion and retail to tech and entertainment have ventured into web3 partnerships. Starbucks announced its Odyssey loyalty program through NFTs, Microsoft partnered with web3 platform Aptos Labs while Adidas collaborated with NFT project Doodles.

The Metaverse has become part of customer engagement with Nike and Fenty ventured into similar collaborations in 2023. Nike’s acquisition of virtual sneaker company RTFKT underlines this trend. RTFKT’s virtual sneakers were sold as NFTs and were used in virtual worlds by gamers. Similarly, Fenty Beauty partnered  with Roblox for immersive digital marketing of products.

Web3 Partnerships Make Way

The partnership between WAX and Amazon Web Services converges blockchain technology and gaming. While it paves the way for more innovation, immersive marketing along with digital asset ownership has gained stream in the last year.

As developers use WAX blockchain nodes on AWS, we can expect to see more company partnerships with decentralized applications and digital marketplaces.

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