New Bitcoin Center Opens in Chicago

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July 10, 2015 2:13 PM UTC

Another of America’s major cities will now have its own Bitcoin Center, opening today in Chicago after an announcement at the Inside Bitcoins Conference happening there now.

The effort is funded in part by Tally Capital, a local venture capital firm that sees the potential of block chain technology. The new center will be located at 1871, an office building packed with tech start-ups, currently housing more than 300.

Aside from the usual mission of a Bitcoin information center, the Chicago Bitcoin Center will also focus on incubation of local Bitcoin start-ups, providing them with office space and opportunities to make important connections with local entrepreneurs and innovators. As part of this new move, the owner of the building will begin accepting rent at 1871 in Bitcoin, an obviously huge factor for the Bitcoin Center, which may rely largely on Bitcoin contributions.

As of the Center’s opening, there will already be four Bitcoin-related start-up companies working within it. Bloq, a company with a focus like HyperLedger or Factom; OasisCoin, a company focused on remittance; Gildera, a merchants specialist, and a local BTM operator, Red Leaf.

Whether there will be live in-person Bitcoin trading as there once was on the floor of the New York Bitcoin Center (as seen below) remains to be seen. In any case, the Windy City’s Bitcoiners will now have a hub from which to co-ordinate the crypto revolution.

More information about the Chicago Bitcoin Center is available at their website.

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