Dorian Nakamoto Goes On Epic Tirade About Bitcoin & Global Economy

Dorian Nakamoto’s life was turned upside down with Newsweek journalist Leah Goodman published an article proclaiming the Los Angeles area man the founder of Bitcoin.  Dorian recently pursued legal action against Newsweek proclaiming the story hurt his family. In the weeks after the article, the Bitcoin community setup funds as a nice gesture for Dorian. 

Dorian recently clarified his thoughts on the crypto-currency in a Reddit AMA. He holds some fears about power within the Bitcoin ecosystem being consolidated. He expressed strong opinions about the structure of society in which few govern the many. As Dorian expressed:

We should protect Bitcoin from take over by the few. Its function should flow free as the Volga River despite the centuries of Tsars, Mongols, Vikings, Swedes, and the Communist regime rule. We need to toss out any thinking of the apparent treasure in the boat over the the river as the Stenka Razin did to keep the boat rower and citizens free. Keep the flow free and wide.

The Stenka’s men were able to trust him to navigate the river and to support the poor. In our case, Bitcoin does have a few generals to serve the crypto math, with many rowers (the open source programmers) to float in the river. The concept of the Bitcoin is the captain of the ship. Not a single or a group of people, which they may call themselves Oh, NO: A board of Directors

We need to preserve this structure. No board of directors. A few, governing many to navigate in their own purpose, their own ports to deposit goods, … must not be allowed.

I see this happened to our great nation of USA. 535 legistrature governing 320 million of us making us poor with their dealing with passing the measures put forth by another group of the few for (subprime, derivatives, mortgage backed trust …) and finally, the mandatory Obama care, making e.g., drugs more expensive for the poor.

Same for the State, County, and down to the town/cities. In our town, 5 counsel staff fooled us to choke the already congested main street of Las Tunas by reducing the lane from 2 lane ea. with diagnal parking, metering out our property money trickled down from the state to county just to hand out contracts to more than one ‘traffic study group and beautification firms’ against our citizen voices. Same happening at our next door neighboring towns. A few 5 counsels voting themselves against 35K town citizens on allowing to build Monster houses as already done in our town. It’s too late for me to understand the ‘flow’. The consel making this decision should of been stopped at the money flow. As they say, follow the flow of $$. From the State, County, then to the town. It should of stopped at higher level. That Las Tunas drive portion belongs to my town but it is a thoroughfare used by the thousands of commuters coming from the east side, like Pomona, San Dimas, … to downtown LA. I’ve mentioned this in the counsel meeting but was ignored. Call to the LA supervisor’s office of Antonovitch was met by ‘Oh, it doesn’t belong to the county, it belongs to your town’. Yet, the county office metered out the $10 millions to do the diagonal parking.

I see the same for our corporate (capitalistic) structure. A few, say 5 – 10 board of directors governing the fate of all those who actually working day n’ night, week after week with little pay and little time off decide to send work out to Shanghi, laying off thousands of US workers while they get millions in their salaries, compensations, bonuses, … and more raises voting themselves.

Same for our Japanese American community, a microcosm level – Selling off Keiro Retirement Home complex by the few, the home’s board of directors and the CEO. They had no right to determine the fate of the all those senior residents, some in dire conditions and to their families and the seniors in waiting to get in by outright selling the facility without allowing the most important people to vote for no. The proceed of $41 million was said to be used for educating about aging (huh?). The $$ should be used to create new Retirement home without the board of selfish directors or CEOs. Let the citizens make the laws and govern themselves without the greedy few.

Campigns, voting? Elections? do these matter as the outcome of our citizens well being, both emotionally (promises), health and financial security? So goes for the global trade deals that US corporations thru our government and now every other nations had gotten involved with the expense of our liveryhood. Tell that to homeless here in LA. The Globalization of trade as sought by the few (corporates pushing the representatives).

The concept of few governing many is wrong!


No special interest or contractors thru the few counsel staff can corrupt 35K of town citizens or the few of industry money can corrupt 320 million of us citizens vs. 535 legislatures

Protect Bitcoin from the few.


The banks can buy up all of the exchanges for instance. The funding for the Bitcoin development must be traced continuously and be protected from intrusions by the few. Always trace the $$. Where to where, when to when, and mostly to whom to whom.


The few….


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He also went on an epic tirade about the economic system.

Our econ is not of the last 2 decades ago. There are too much meddling by those few in control of our monetary system.

The economic recession bubble used to come at or near the end of the decade if you trace far to 1929 and before that. But the last decade was different. We had two in the same decade. This was the meddling of our Feds and the legislature based on the financial institutions requests to do so (get legislative approvals for subprime lendings, derivatives, mortgauge back trust, …). To print more money to keep it cheap so even poor people can buy cars and houses. Because of the cheap loan rates, the prices go up but the inflation factor was denied by our Fed Res. Chairman recently to sustain this paper $$ pumping.

Normally, at the end of the decade, our goods (appliance, tools, curtains, cars, …) are already bought (replaced) and people stop buying. So, when the investors see the sales/profit goes down, they pull out their stakes out of the companies. The corp directors see this and demand to increase sales but won’t go. The fastest way to show profit is to layoff workers, that 33% expense. And so this decision by the few adds more people stop buying things. No jobs and financial worries. No jobs, No buy, No sale. It’s not normal like that anymore. And same for the menial jobs. Thru our legislature, we allow easy entry to get more cheap labor for what’s remaining, unexportable jobs. These are service type of industry (hospital, insurance selling, banks, restaurants, street labor, bus and truck drivers, janitorial, retail stores, shuffling paper jobs like real estate brokers and escrow workers, …,) of which we’re not making any goods to sell outside of our nation, and yet, taking our last unexportable jobs away from us.

Coming back to the professional level, recently, our tech companies asked our legislature to increase more imports of foreign tech workers under measure H1b which skirts emigration dept, replacing whatever US citizen engineers working with cheaper workers. The companies cried out that there aren’t enough engineers in US and not enough of them graduating from colleges. That is the corporations fault to export our manufacturing sector. But that is what they’ve wanted and to continue to do so. So not even the small amount of our manufacturing sector that survived is destroying our citizens. All in the name of profit.


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Ever since he first heard of Bitcoin, which he says was after the false Newsweek article which put him in the public spotlight, he has been a big fan of the technology:

I thought it was a wonderful concept for our global transaction based on fully meshed internet world. Distributed processing vs. centralization. More robust. And the purpose to serve the people even down to the poor rather than the profit base, open source software, … Best financial invention in this uncertain dollar based or the next exchange based competition.

Although Dorian to this day contests the Newsweek article which claims he is the creator of Bitcoin, Newsweek stands behind its decision. For the original AMA, click here.

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